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The Occam Temple Path

The Occam Improvement Proposals (OIPs) presented below together make up the Occam Temple Path 2022 and all revolve around the newly proposed governance framework and OCC staking framework. Let us define each in turn:

The scope of the proposals is systemic, and extends deep under the hood of the currently existing staking/governance, and product frameworks. This article is intended to provide a high level overview of the proposed changes:

a. Occam DAO governance framework;

b. Occam DAO OCC staking framework;

c. Occam Razer App;

2. Let us address the novelties in each, starting with the OCC staking framework:

a. The OCC staking framework is powered by two distinct types of utility:

(i) Access rights (currently only IDO allocations and private rounds for VCDAO);

(ii) Governance rights (rights to vote for proposals on the Occam Forum).

b. OIP #38 revamps the tier system to:

(i) Make the system more inclusive and reflect the current market conditions;

(ii) Make the system deflationary;

(iii) Automate the system adaptively to various states of the market;

(iv) Make the borders of every tier more pronounced (see below for rationale).

c. OIP #37 addresses the governance component of the framework to:

(i) Create the technological foundation for Occam DAO governance framework (see below);

(ii) Introduce NFT-based voting that will enable Guild governance and also enable more exciting features in the future, such as on-chain reputation scores.

d. OIP #40 addresses the change from CED rewards, to the Occam Chakra token, which will act as a tokenized weighted basket of all the projects that are launched from within the Occam Incubator. Mineable through OCC staking, $CHAKRA offers native yield on OCC staking and possesses several important qualities that make it entirely eclipse Occam’s previous CED system in both scope, efficiency and utility.

3. Occam DAO governance framework as described in OIP #37:

a. We propose the introduction of several new actors to the system:

(i) Guilds, who act as ‘political parties’ [OIP #37];

(ii) Ambassadors, who enjoy a set of unique benefits but have to constantly prove themselves while executing tasks to proliferate Occam’s vision and further its roadmap [OIP #39];

b. On the subject of Guilds and the NFT-powered voting system (also proposed in OIP #37), we propose a new DAO structure that will forever change Occam as we know it, taking a major step towards handing it over entirely to the community;

(i) In order to make a real impact, the community will have to self-organize into Guilds;

(ii) Guilds will have most power when it comes to the governance process;

(iii) Guilds will be able to earn their way via societal DAO contributions to arrive at endowments equivalent to those of the VCDAO members, albeit in a reduced form;

(iv) The contributions of every Guild will be forever ingrained into the blockchain through their NFT-based governance actions and as such will morph into a full-blown on-chian reputation system.

c. Discord will become the primary governance forum for Occam DAO members. All interactions that are available today on the Occam Forum will remain, but loads more will be added.

4. OccamRazer will get significant UX/UI improvements to reflect all the changes above (if voted for); this will ensure a seamless and uncomplicated user experience for the proposed features.

The picture below visualizes the OIPs and their interactions with the broader Occam DAO:

The final drafts of the individual OIPs can be found on the forum, or using the following links:

OIP #37 Occam Governance Framework

OIP #38 Occam Revised Tiers

OIP #39 Occam Ambassadors

OIP #40 Occam Chakra Token

When considered together, these 4 OIPs make up the core of the Occam Temple Path 2022, and Occam DAO members will be given one week to familiarise themselves with all four OIPs (assuming the Occam Temple Path is voted through), before they are each submitted to the OIP forum for voting. Each individual OIP will also be given one week for voting.



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