AI Writers Are About To Ruin Everything

AI writing apps are about to make a lot of bad stories.

Humans have been telling stories for centuries. It’s one of the things that makes us unique. But now, a new technology threatens to destroy storytelling as we know it: AI writing apps.

These apps are designed to help people write better. They do this by using algorithms to analyze a person’s writing and offer suggestions for improving it.

The problem is that AI writing apps need to understand nuance. They need to learn to tell a good story from a bad one. They see words on a page and try to optimize them.

Apps like GPT3,, and, are marketed as writing assistants, which can be helpful for writers struggling with writer’s block or those who want to generate ideas. But the reality is that these apps are capable of much more than that.

In the hands of a skilled user, an AI writing app can generate complete, coherent stories on its own. And that’s a problem because it means that soon, anyone will be able to write a best-selling novel without ever having to come up with an original idea.

Of course, AI-generated stories are not likely to be great. They will probably be full of cliches and cliches and lack the emotional depth and complexity that makes great literature great.

As a result, AI writing apps are going to make a lot of bad stories. And, over time, they will get better at it.

But that doesn’t matter because most readers don’t care about quality. They want to be entertained, and if AI-generated stories can do that, they will be successful.

These new apps pose a significant problem for two reasons: First, AI writing apps will make it harder for people to tell good stories. They’ll be so used to getting suggestions from the app that they’ll start to think that the app knows better than they do.

Second, AI writing apps will make it harder for people to find good stories. With so many bad stories being created, it will be hard to sift through them all to find the diamonds in the rough.

In the end, AI writing apps are going to ruin everything. They’ll make it harder for people to tell good stories, and they’ll make it harder for people to find them.

So, if you’re a fan of stories, now is the time to start worrying. The only thing that will save storytelling is if writers start using AI to create original ideas instead of just copying what’s already been done.

This post and its image were generated entirely by an AI writer. True story.

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