Whales 4 / Tim Nooteboom

What’s A Whale?

What to tell people who grow up after the whales are extinct.

In 20, 30, 40, 50 years when you’re children or grandchildren ask what a whale or dolphin is and why they are no longer around remember it was because of countries like Japan, Norway, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands who hunted them to extinction with the help of refueling ships from countries like Panama and South Korea. Tell them about the “ecoterrorist” that tried to stop them by risking their lives on ships in the antarctic waters to intervene and put an end to the slaughters. Tell them about the same “ecoterrorist” that spent months in Japan watching and documenting as thousands of dolphins were driven into a cove by boats and slaughtered or sent to live out the rest of their lives in aquariums. Tell them about the “ecoterrorist” that documented the gruesome Grindadráp in the Faroe Islands as hundreds of Pilot Whales were driven to shore by boats chasing them and then hooked in their blowholes to be pulled onto the beaches and brutally slain, unborn calves ripped from their mothers insides.

Tell them about the whalers refueling ship from South Korea, flagged in Panama, that leaked oil into a whale sanctuary. Tell them about the whalers nearly 18,000,000 (million) pound factory vessel that on February 20th, 2013 rammed three conservation vessels and their own refueling ship causing massive damage to one of the conservation vessels, and destroying an emergency life boat on the refueling ship then left the refueling ship. Tell them about the “ecoterrorist” who escorted the refueling ship north in case they had an emergency and the crew had to abandon the refueling ship to make sure none of the crew were in danger of being killed in the freezing water. Tell them about the armed Japanese Government ship the Shonan Maru 2 who tried to order Australian ships out of Australian Territorial waters. Tell them about the factory ship whose crew threw concussion grenades at unarmed people. Most importantly tell them about the governments that sat on their asses and did nothing while a group of 110 people from around the world took four ships down to some of the most dangerous waters on the planet to try to stop them. Tell them about the government who gave into the whalers and issued a restraining order against the “ecoterrorist” ordering them to stay away from the whalers. Tell them how the “ecoterrorist” gave control to their Australian chapter who continued the work and were not bound by US law to stay away from the whalers.

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