Test case writing = Another step of improve Quality!!!

“A test case has components that describes an input, action or event and an expected response, to determine if a feature of an application is working correctly.”

Purpose of test case writing:

A test case has two purposes: either to expose an error, or to demonstrate correct execution or the purpose of writing test cases is to define the “how” and “what”. For some testers this is considered as the boring work, but if done well, test cases will become highly valuable, improve the productivity of the entire team, and help your company create higher quality software.

Sample Test case for mobile app login page

What Fields Need to be Included in a Test Case?

  • Test Case ID: Unique Test Case Identification Number.
  • Purpose/Description: A short sentence about what is being tested.
  • Prerequisite: Conditions that must be met before the test case can be run. For example, the user must be logged in.
  • Test Data: List of variables and possible values used in the test case. Examples: loginID = {Valid loginID, invalid loginID, valid email, invalid email, empty} password = {valid, invalid, empty}
  • Test Steps: Detailed steps for test case execution.
  • Expected Results: How the application should perform after executing the above testing steps.
  • Actual Results: How application actually behaved after executing the above testing steps.
  • Result: Does the test “Pass” or “Fail”.
  • Comments: This is where the tester can add additional helpful information like screenshots and descriptions to provide the developers with the information they will need to correct any defects found.
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