[Guide] How to get ZIL tokens to purchase in OceanRumble store

Sep 18 · 2 min read

This guide will show you how to get ZILs in order to start you Ocean Rumble journey.

What is Zilliqa?
Zilliqa is a public blockchain platform where decentralized applications like Ocean Rumble is built upon. Advantages of Zilliqa compared to other public blockchains like Ethereum is the implementation of sharding technique to build a high though-put, scalable and secure network. Zilliqa blockchain is able to process thousands of transactions per second without compromising network security.

What is ZIL token?
ZIL is the native token on Zilliqa’s mainnet and is used across dApps in Zilliqa’s ecosystem. In Ocean Rumble, to make transactions to purchase/claim/upgrade Minions, ZILs are needed to process the transaction. Tokens can be seen as fuel for the blockchain to operate.

In general, there are 2 main ways to get mainnet ZILs tokens.

1. Purchase ZIL with Cash

If you are in HongKong or Singapore, purchasing ZIL is very quick and easy via XanPool fiat gateway (xanpool.com)

2 things you need before purchasing:

  • A Zilliqa wallet: you can create a Zilliqa wallet on ZilPay or Moonlet. It is very straightforward. Just simply download web browser extension and follow the instructions
  • A verified Xanpool account: Create and account and verify on XanPool is one of the easiest and fastest that we know of. It will take you less than 5 minutes to complete.

Next, navigate within the mainpage of XanPool. Make sure you choose ZIL as the cryptocurrencies you need to buy (XanPool also lets you buy Bitcoin) and paste the correct address of the ZIL wallet address you would like to receive tokens.

After that, just follow the intuitive instructions on the ZIL should arrive in your wallet within a few short minutes!

You can also refer to XanPool’s instructions to purchase ZILs here.

2. Purchase ZIL with crypto through many cryptocurrency exchanges.

Most of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges support ZILs. Choose any exchanges like Binance, Coinhako, Huobi Global, Kucoin.

Swap tokens you hold (for example, Bitcoin) to get ZILs. Then you can withdraw ZILs to your wallet on ZilPay and to make transactions on Ocean Rumble.

Still have questions? Chat with us in Telegram or Discord.

OceanRumble Team

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A fast-paced PvP game of bizarre aqua creatures

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