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Zilliqa is a public blockchain allowing smart contracts to be built upon (in Ocean Rumble case, we write on blockchain Minions data, game logic, and many more). Zilliqa blockchain pioneers to use sharding technology to increase throughput (number of transactions per second) while maintaining high security level. To date, Zilliqa network can allow nearly 3,000 transactions per second. To put things in perspective, Ethereum blockchain can only allow around 15 transactions per second. As online games have many micro transactions, Zilliqa is probably the best blockchain platform for developing blockchain games.

In this blog, we will explain to you:

  1. how to create Zilliqa wallet
  2. how to get mainnet ZIL tokens
  3. how to link account to Zilliqa wallet
  4. how to claim Minions onto blockchain.

1. How to create Zilliqa wallet?

Zilliqa wallet, similar to Ethereum wallet, is a personal storage which safely keeps all your game assets, which are Minions in this case. Once you claim your Minions on-chain, they will be stored inside your wallet and are fully under your control.

  • No one can take away any of your Minions from your wallet because you are the only person who keep your wallet private key.
  • You have a complete right to sell and transfer your Minions
  • Your Minions will stay with you forever as long as you do not transfer them elsewhere

To create a Zilliqa Wallet, please take these steps below:

Step 1: Download ZilPay extension from https://zilpay.xyz/

ZilPay extension works like a bridge between Ocean Rumble game and your wallet account on blockchain. It allows game to read your data and let you play with Minions you store in your wallet

Step 2: Click the extension on the top right corner of your browser and choose to either import your existing wallet account or create a new one. Here we choose to create a new wallet.

Step 3: To create a new wallet, write down the Mnemonic Seed Phrase and keep them privately and safely. Then choose a password and click “Continue”.

Step 4: Now your wallet is created and ready to use. You can send some ZIL to your wallet and start using. Now let’s continue to link ZIL wallet to your Ocean Rumble account

2. How to get mainnet ZIL tokens

Prior to ZIL mainnet launch, ZIL tokens exist as ERC20 tokens on Ethereum network. To make transactions on Zilliqa mainnet, you will need mainnet ZILs.

There are 2 ways to get mainnet ZIL tokens:

  1. Swap your existing ERC20 ZILs tokens into Mainnet ZIL tokens
  2. Buy Mainnet ZIL tokens on crypto exchanges (those listed below)

HOW TO SWAP ERC20 ZILs tokens into Mainnet ZIL tokens?

Worry NOT as ERC20 ZILs can be swapped to mainnet ZIL automatically via several exchanges, currently including Binance, Coinhako, Huobi global, Kucoin.

Across 4 above-mentioned exchanges, how-to-token-swap is similar:

  1. Sign up an account on the exchange you want to swap ERC20 ZILs
  2. Create an ETH address
  3. Send ERC20 ZIL to your ETH address
  4. Wait for the deposit to complete
  5. Done! (The exchanges will do all the hard work for you. You will see ZIL tokens in your wallet and they are actually mainnet ZIL tokens)

HOW TO BUY mainnet ZILs tokens directly?

You can exchange other tokens to get mainnet ZIL tokens on the above-mentioned exchanges.

  1. Sign up an account on one of the exchanges mentioned above
  2. Buy BTC or ETH or deposit your existing BTC or ETH into the new wallet on that exchange
  3. Sell BTC or ETH to get mainnet ZIL tokens

3. How to link Zilliqa wallet to your Ocean Rumble account?

To allow Ocean Rumble server to know exactly which Minions you store in your wallet and let you use them, you need to link both accounts together. This requires a transaction and is an one-time effort.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Enter oceanrumble.io and login to your account

Step 2: Make sure you have installed ZilPay extension and create an account. Click on the icon of ZilPay and see if you have an active account ready. It should look like the example image below.

Step 3: Make 1 blockchain transaction. It can be either a purchase in game store or an action to claim off-chain Minion onto blockchain.

Here we will show you 3 simple steps to make a purchase.

#1 — Choose a crate you want to purchase and quantity, then click “BUY”
#2 — A new window will pop up which asks you to submit your transaction
#3 — Click Submit and Confirm transaction on ZilPay window

Step 4: The transaction will take few seconds to be processed. Successful transaction will return a notification on your Chrome window

Once the transaction is successful, your ZIL wallet have been successfully linked to your Ocean Rumble account.

Once you finish linking your wallet, enter our Discord and message GM Ricky to get a Reward Crate.

4. How to claim a Minion to your Zilliqa wallet?

To claim Minion to your Zilliqa wallet, you need to firstly create a Minion. This Minion is now stored on the game server and you can use it normally, except trading, teaching them ability and applying some other enhancements.

Here are steps to claim it to your wallet:

Step 1: Click on the button “chain” under created Minion to initiate a transaction request. A window will popup to ask you to submit action.

Step 2: ZilPay window will open. Simply click confirm the transaction.

Step 3: You need to wait for a few seconds for the transactions to be processed. You can click on the transaction on the ZilPay window to check its status.

Click green button “blockchain" > Click “Claim" > Confirm transaction

Once the transaction is successful, a Minion token will be stored inside your ZIL wallet. Each token is unique. As on-chain Minions are limited and are tradable, we suggest you claim them early.

If you need any help, please ask us questions in our Discord channel here.

>> Read more about benefits of owning Minions on Zilliqa blockchain versus normal off-chain Minion

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A fast-paced PvP game of bizarre aqua creatures


A fast-paced PvP game of bizarre aqua creatures

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