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May 20 · 2 min read

Right from the beginning of our journey, Oceanus aims to be a community-driven initiative.

Many community members will be our future employees since they will have the opportunity to join our community since day zero.

The program is to support and incentivize the ideas, creativity and participation of our community and to give them all access pass to join us on the ride of decentralization in the freight markets.

Our Ambassador program could be ideal for 3PLS professionals, shipbrokers, consultants, freight forwarders who could introduce us to shipping companies and receive a complimentary remuneration to support their income while helping an innovative company grow in their region.

Our Ambassadors program is a chance for passionate individuals to be on the frontlines of the freight markets revolution.

There are a wide range of ways to get involved once you become an Ambassador and plenty of great reasons to apply.

What can an Oceanus Ambassador do?

There are several positions and ways to participate.

  • Blog writing, translation and content creation
  • Speaking at local events about Oceanus
  • Organizing local Oceanus meet-ups
  • Lead generation for Oceanus Business Development Team
  • Become an Oceanus Country Manager representing our services in your region

Who can be an Oceanus Ambassador?

  • A detailed understanding of the Oceanus Ecosystem
  • A passion to help others
  • Priority will go to community members that have been with us and shown support in the past
  • Understanding of the Ocean Freight Markets ( We will host many webinars and provide resources for members who are eager to learn)

What’s in it for you?

  • Be first to learn about product updates, news and opportunities
  • Collaborate directly with the Oceanus team and other Ambassadors in our Discord channel
  • Monthly video calls with Oceanus team members

Apply Today!

Until you will hear back from us, make sure to interact with our Leadership team to speedup your application!





Discover Oceanus

Engineering a data-driven liquidity layer for the ocean freight markets.


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Discover Oceanus

Engineering a data-driven liquidity layer for the ocean freight markets.