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The DoNotPay App SCAM

DoNotPay Website

🚩 You are required to connect your bank to set up

Now for some, they may not think twice about such a thing…but they should. An app that offers features such as disputing parking tickets, monitoring prices of tickets and things, suing companies (!?), connecting a bank should not be a blocker. But for them it is, and that should be one for you too.

🚩 They charge you at will

Which is easy, since you signed up w/ your bank account. Here is the section from their Terms & Conditions:

🚩 They track you, regardless

Their mobile app (which is their entire platform more or less), straight up tracks you with little or no ability to change it, in section “7.2. Tracking Technologies Generally”:

🚩 They keep your deleted information FOREVER

According to section “7.1 Accessing and Changing Information”:



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