100 year celebration

Ulstein Group celebrated their 100. anniversary

English version

(There’s a norwegian version available here)

Last year, Ulstein Group celebrated their 100 years of history. To kickstart the celebration they wanted us to make several videos.

The videos should act as a teaser in advance of the celebration and be shown on the big screen during the celebration day. The celebration took place in a huge dock hall 2 September. The show was opened by the choir Ulstein Mannskor, followed by saxophonist Webjørn Sæther and drummer Bendik Hustadnes. The show was lead by Thomas Numme, and the Norwegian artists Sigrid, Cezinando and Madcon delivered class act performances for the audience. We started to work with the project early summer. We made a couple of promo-videos related to the artist which was meant to trigger peoples interest and curiosity. Later we spent quite some time to look through 100 years of photos and film clips. We were also challenged to work on the music. I used quite some time on the creative part. As usual, Ulstein Group gave me a lot of freedom to find good stories to tell. I worked closely with the communication department all the way and Elias Storøy did a great work in animate old photos. To find the right music was a bit challenging. It is as always exciting if they like the music or not. In this project, we did not hired people to help us with the music. I guess I spent 3–4 days on just finding the right music. This was a very fun project. I think I have never worked so much on one event. Then It was extra fun that the films worked on the huge screen at the dock hall.

pictures: Oclin
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