Because We Can!

…have a spontanous shooting with a Porsche 911 Carrera

English version

What was the purpose of the project?

Marius was doing a photoshoot with the Porsche911. He has done that before — taking out cars and having a shoot. He asked if I want to join and make a film. We could decide on our own where to go and make what we want. It’s a kind of thing that we do for ourselves. So we didn’t get paid. We just use that to extend our portfolio and get more/new customers of this kind.

When was it?

November 2017

Why and how did you do it?

That’s something we should do more often. This is how we can make our own commercial. People outside this area want to see locations and this project was perfect for us to discover locations and experiences with the locations. Since we can, we can do it like this and spread it on our website/instagram account, because the project is not delivered to someone. Normally we just deliver the project and don’t publish the result on our websites as it belongs to the customer.

One of us was laying in the open trunk filming (mostly me), the other one driving (Marius or my girlfriend) up and down Trollstigen. We only spend half a day on it. It was a very funny day!

pictures: Atle Remmereit

Have you also been testing the speed of the car?

We picked the car up in Aalesund and drove to Trollstigen. When we were on the way to Trollstigen, Marius reached it earlier (obviously). I tested it too and now I can say: I want one!

Did you get any reactions on the video?

Yes, we used it on our website and it looks nice. We got a lot of attention (positive feedback).

pictures: Marius Beck Dahle (have a look at his work here)

Are you happy with the result?

We earned some car-shooting experiences. When we have time and resources we should do that more often — making content just for us.

What would you like to shoot next?

At Trollstigen it’s possible to have a speedboat and go to the spectacular fjords. It would be nice to spend a day there and use our equipment. It would be nice to shoot for our portfolio on sea, land and in the air.

The request for the Trollroad and car commercials is very big, so we would like to show that we are in that area and can offer that kind of products.

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