Love for Everyone!

Our interns Leif, Veronika and Tina joined the Bygdepride parade in Volda and made a short video about it

Last friday, Atle send us out to film the Bygdepride parade in Volda. It was the first pride parade happening outside a big city. Approximately 2000 people joined the parade or watched along the route.

How was the athmosphere?

Veronika: The atmosphere was fantastic. The amount of the people showing up was overwhelming and the whole village was in a special mood.

Leif: It was a lot of happy people spreading good vibes, everyone seemed excited and happy about the parade.

Tina: The atmosphere was great! Everyone was in a good mood and happy to be there. It was impressive to see that many people in Volda. The whole city got a new dimension for this afternoon.

pictures: Leif-Norvald Saeverud

What did you do at the parade?

Tina: The roles were clearly defined beforehand. My task was it to operate the camera. It was quite exhausting to hold the camera up and still during the interviews. I could skip my workout that day.

Veronika: My task was to interview the organizers and the participants.

Leif: I gave inputs for the shoot and listened to the sound during the interviews.

pictures: Leif-Norvald Saeverud, Christina Wilke

What was your highlight of the day?

Leif: It was interesting to see big politicians like Trine Skei and Jon Georg gather around the masses of people meeting up for the parade.

Tina: My Highlight were the amount of people showing up and waving rainbow flags. But also the openness of the two politicians regarding our interview has been great. In general, a lot people responded to our request for an interview very positive and interested.

Veronika: My highlight was to see all the happy people. And it was also exciting to interview Jon Georg Dale and Trine Skei Grande.