Exchange Listing: Geneviève (GXE)

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Mar 13, 2018 · 2 min read

Great news!

GXE is being listed on Bitpaction! The Geneviève token will be available for trade on March 15th, 12.00 (UTC).

Bitpaction is a new, Singapore-based, cryptocurrency exchange. Following a successful token sale campaign, the exchange launched on March 5th. With numerous high capitalisation cryptocurrencies already listed and available for trade, we are excited to have found Bitpaction’s support.

Geneviève’s buyback programme

Upon launch, Geneviève will place numerous bids on the open market seeking to buy back 2,500,000 GXE tokens at $0.02, approximately. Orders will be placed on the GXE/BTC and GXE/ETH markets at 0.0000025BTC and 0.00003ETH, respectively. We are confident our buyback programme will create a strong pricing floor; furthermore, given the generous dividend right GXE tokens offer, we anticipate a reduction in circulating supply will further inflate GXE’s token valuation, offering positive returns to our investors.

Bitpaction’s GXE launch competition

Bitpaction will rank traders from 1 to 30 according to the total GXE volume traded on their respective accounts during the competition period, ending March 21st.

Exchange links

GXE/BTC Market

GXE/ETH Market

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The Big Bang of Banking

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The Big Bang of Banking

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The Big Bang of Banking

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