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Mar 10, 2018 · 2 min read


In progression of our journey, we share with you below, our most recent project advancements. The team have been working unwaveringly to further-pursue project objectives.

As previously shared, Geneviève is launching the GxHODL card later this month! Through Lombard Credit mechanics, the card will offer credit in fiat currencies to facilitate transactional payments. Available credit will be relative to the underlying holdings of supported cryptocurrencies, which will serve as a collateral. At launch, the GxHODL card will be offered exclusively to GXE and GXVC holders, conditional to a minimum holding of 10,000 GXE or 100,000 GXVC. Initially, BTC, ETH, GXE, and GXVC will be supported at launch; additional cryptocurrencies will be supported in due course.

In furtherance, a variety of cryptocurrency banking solutions are in development. We are in the process of securing an electronic money license; following this, Geneviève’s banking medium services will include wire bank accounts, complete with debit cards through Mastercard, VISA and other providers. Thereafter, the project will expand to launch a credit union establishment, a cryptocurrency a bank — an industry first, to focus on the financial inclusion of the crypto community.

Geneviève is further-widening its array of wealth management services; namely, cryptocurrency-focussed consulting and financial services. Such services will be offered in France and the United States. Further information is detailed below.

Geneviève’s consulting services
Geneviève’s financial services

Geneviève is launching its own signature token exchange platform to facilitate trade of tokenized investment ventures. All listing fees will be payable in GXE. Furthermore, GXE will suffice as a gateway to access the above-described cryptocurrency wealth management services.

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The Big Bang of Banking

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The Big Bang of Banking

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The Big Bang of Banking

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