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Huobi Incubator to Cosponsor Spring 2022 Octopus Accelerator Program

Huobi Incubator and Web3 Scholarship Cosponsors Octopus Network Accelerator Program

Octopus Network is pleased to announce the launch of the Spring 2022 Batch of the Octopus Accelerator Program in partnership with Huobi Incubator and Huobi’s Web3Scholarship. The six-week program will begin on February 28th, 2022. Applications are accepted until February 26th. Apply now!

World-Class Mentors — Web3.0, Application Token Engineering, Tech, Decentralized Governance, and more…

The Octopus Accelerator Program is a collection of open and composable courses and seminars available to Substrate developers and Web3.0 teams worldwide. It’s a quarterly program meant to accelerate the realization of promising blockchain projects into the Web3.0 space.

During our first Octopus Accelerator Course in Fall 2021, many Octopus Network Accelerator founders led their companies to achieve outstanding results, and we are honored to be part of these companies’ history.

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, our Fall 2021 Accelerator Program participating founders were able to launch testnets, build communities, and raise funding from leading investors.

The top five graduates of Fall 2021 were each awarded the $50,000 Octopus Start Prize. For the Spring 2022 Batch, Huobi Incubator will also be sponsoring a prize.

Octopus Accelerator Star Prizes + Huobi Incubator Prize

Each Accelerator batch of courses culminates in Showcase Day when the startups present their projects to a carefully selected, invite-only audience.

The judges of Showcase Day will select five projects to receive the Octopus Star Prize of $50,000 worth of grants each. Additionally, the Spring 2022 Batch will offer a $12,500 Huobi Prize presented to one selected team.

About Huobi Incubator and Web3 Scholarship

Huobi Incubator is a full-cycle incubation program that combines industry research, investment management, and early-stage accelerator services. Its funding platform, Web3 Scholarship, is committed to funding Web3 builders and providing support with funds, incubator mentorship, and token listing opportunities for early-stage projects.

Applications for Spring 2022 are open until February 26th

The Spring 2022 batch is now accepting applications. The Spring batch will start on February 28th and conclude on April 9th, with the Showcase Day on April 18th. Applications for the Spring 2022 batch ends on February 26th. Apply for the Octopus Accelerator Spring 2022 batch here.

For every team accepted to the Accelerator Program, we will provide access to top mentors and an updated online video course. In addition, we will work intensively with the teams to get them into the best possible shape and refine their pitch to investors.

Octopus Network believes the strength and wisdom of the community to be greater than that of any individual or team.

The Octopus Accelerator Program does not take any equity or tokens from its participants. The program will award $1M worth of grants to 20 outstanding Web3.0 Appchain teams every year. Our goal is to offer the best support to Appchain teams to polish their product, build communities, and become the next big thing in Web3.0.

Octopus Accelerator is constantly evolving. We have big plans for 2022 and will continue to iterate to provide the founders with the best programs and tools to improve their chances of success.




Octopus Network is a multichain, interoperable cryptonetwork built on NEAR Protocol for bootstrapping and hosting Substrate-based, EVM compatible, application-specific blockchains, aka Appchains.

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