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Octopus Accelerator Star Prize Winners — Fall 2022

Five Projects Win the Octopus Accelerator Star Prize!

Octopus Network Accelerator Program Fall 2022 Star Prize Winners

Octopus Accelerator Star Prize Winners — Fall 2022

The Octopus Network is delighted to announce the five Accelerator Fall 2022 Octopus Star Prize winners who are now eligible to join in a prize pool of up to 250k in grants.

100+ Protocols Applied

The Fall 2022 Accelerator Program drew more applications than ever before with a record-breaking 100+ applications for the Fall 2022 Program!

New Lessons and Seminars

The month-long course offered lessons and seminars conducted by industry experts including:

  1. Introduction to Web3
  2. Web3 Entrepreneurship
  3. Crypto Regulation
  4. Fundraising
  5. Tokenomics
  6. Community Building
  7. Product Design
  8. Web3 User Experience Design
  9. Web3 Branding Strategy

70 Projects Applied for Show Case Day

At the end of the course, 70 projects applied for Showcase Day. Extensive interviews were conducted to finally select the top 10 projects to compete for the five coveted Octopus Star Prizes with eligibility for up to 50k in grant funding each.

During Showcase Day, the top ten projects presented their MVP to a judging panel of industry experts. Each judge then nominated their top five projects. The projects with the most nominations won the Star Prize.

Accelerator Fall 2022 Star Prize Winners!

The Octopus Network would like to congratulate the following Web3 protocols for successfully completing the Fall 2022 Octopus Accelerator Program and winning the Showcase Day Star Prize.

🔥Abyss World


🔥Octan Network


🔥Waldo DAO

Meet the Accelerator Stars Autumn Batch 2022 with Vivi Lin

Abyss World

Abyss World wins the Octopus Network Star Prize

Abyss World expects to become the first Cloud and Chain Native AAA-level MMO-ARPG. The 2M self-funded Metagame Team invested two years in building independently before drawing the backing of AMD, EPIC, and IGN.

Abyss World aims to take on the current weaknesses in the web3 gaming roster such as true re-playability and a AAA gaming experience on-chain. It intends to expand the market with planned asset/character interoperability, shared meta-resources, ecosystem-wide events, linked social systems, and cross-game incentives.

Abyss World has partnered with Octopus Appchain Candidate Portalverse, a decentralized cloud infrastructure layer, for cloud distribution to expand its total addressable market.

Check out the Abyss World Trailer.

Congratulations Abyss World!


Gable wins the Octopus Network Star Prize

Gable is a fully decentralized gaming hub where Web3 game players can connect to explore new and diverse gaming worlds with seamless access to multiple games of various genres.

Backed by TazoGames, an NFT Games Studio, and DegaLabs, a blockchain software development team, Gable is also designing several of its own games such as My Land, Fish Hunter, and Betting Games.

Gable is committed to a smooth user experience void of technical difficulties for Web3 players so players can truly play, earn, and own their in-game items.

Congratulations Gable!

Octan Network

Octan Network wins the Octopus Network Star Prize

Octan Network is a community-centric, GameFi and SocialFi decentralized video streaming protocol with NFT tools, SDKs, and a marketplace for GameFi and SocialFi applications — powered by Proof of Reputation.

Octans decentralized video streaming, distributed storage solution, and storage infrastructure are optimized for gamers to broadcast live streams. The distributed storage system is designed to be crash resistant with elastic scalability and offers partition and replicate data functions.

Octan’s strategy game, Empireland, incorporates RPG, RTS, and MOBA features with an emphasis on NFT utility and a sustainable in-game economy. Its built-in DAO framework is based on reputation ranking, play activities, and NFT economies within applications.

Congratulations Octan Network!


DanceFit wins the Octopus Network Star Prize

DanceFit is a GameFi project combining three “x-to-earn concepts” — Dance, Watch, and Create-to-Earn. Between dancers, creators, and viewers, each faction has a shared contribution that benefits the platform. As such, DanceFit’s tokenomics and rewards system are highly developed, utilizing different types of NFTs that target different audiences relative to their position in the onboarding funnel.

The app’s vision is to create innovative solutions for improving daily lifestyles that make exercise more fun and immersive. But it also wants to bring a wider audience of people together in the meta-verse and therefore plans to implement AR/VR and virtual characters.

Check out the DanceFit UI demo.

Congratulations DanceFit!

Waldo DAO

Waldo DAO wins the Octopus Network Star Prize Winner

Waldo DAO is a blockchain-verified “all-in-one” Recruitment and Payroll System catering to both the Web3 and Web2 marketplaces by leveraging DAOs to streamline and manage payroll. Waldo DAO plans to also accommodate gaming guilds and social networks.

Waldo DAO’s NFT-powered recruitment and recognition system is meant to make it easy for organizations to recruit and reward individuals or team projects in Web3 and Web2 without bias.

Seamless onboarding of Web2 users is built into its app by enabling the transference of existing Web2 recruitment profiles from job hunting platforms that sell users' data, such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and monster.com, allowing users sovereignty over their data while they seek out new opportunities.

Congratulations Waldo DAO!

Stay Tuned for the 2022–2023 Winter Accelerator Program

The next Accelerator Course is available to Substrate developers and Web3 teams worldwide, providing Web3 teams with access to SME mentors, lessons, and seminars — and a chance to win up to 50k in funding!

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Octopus Network is a multichain, interoperable cryptonetwork built on NEAR Protocol for bootstrapping and hosting Substrate-based, EVM compatible, application-specific blockchains, aka Appchains.

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