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[Press Release]More freedom for the NFT! Common Open Content Token Specification "Oct-Pass"

Four Blockchain Content Companies Collaborate to Create a Common Open Contents Token Specification “Oct-Pass” to Interuse NFTs Between Different Applications and Blockchains!

On October 23, 2020, blockchain game developer double jump.tokyo Inc.(Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Hironobu Ueno) partnered with CryptoGames Inc.(Head office: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo; CEO: Kota Ozawa), FiNANCiE Inc.(Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Ryuichi Tanaka) and SmartApp Inc.(Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Ko Jangdeok) to create an Open We are pleased to announce the joint development of the Contents Token common specification “Oct-Pass”.

The “Oct-Pass” is an open and common NFT specification that can be freely used by anyone free of charge. By creating NFT metadata in compliance with this specification, it will be easier to interoperate with NFTs between applications. By doing so, we aim to help realize the “NFT Metaverse” where the world is connected through NFT in different applications such as games, SNS, markets, and wallets, as well as across different blockchains.

■Background and purpose of Oct-Pass

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a non-substitutable token issued in accordance with Ethereum’s technical standard ERC-721, which defines “ownership, transfer, and assignment delegation” and NFT content information is defined in metadata.

Until now, it has been difficult to unify the handling of metadata due to the different metadata formats of each NFT, and it was necessary to develop and adjust the system to support each NFT creator and application individually.

By defining a common specification for NFT metadata, the “Oct-Pass metadata format”, we aim to improve this situation and make it easier for NFT creators and applications to handle NFTs.

It also proposes the Oct-Pass API spec, an API specification for handling NFTs on multiple blockchains without relying on a specific blockchain, in order to solve the liquidity deficiency of NFTs due to the scalability of Ethereum and the rising transaction fees.

■Features of Oct-Pass metadata format

Adherence to the “Oct-Pass metadata format” will make it easier for NFTs to be handled by applications and services such as games, social networks, markets and wallets.

It is envisioned that NFT will be displayed and used in different applications and blockchain environments, independent of any particular platform.In this case, there may be cases where conventional metadata to support the NFT market is not sufficient for licensing, permission to display and modify, and expression of the nature of each content.

This specification provides common specifications for the following categories of metadata: basic (basic information about NFTs. The specification defines common metadata specifications for each category of basic (basic NFT information, such as name, type, thumbnail images, and number of issues), contents (NFT content information and license information for use and modification), and properties (ancillary information such as the nature of the content), which will allow for the use of content in the blockchain era. We aim for a suitable format.

By defining common metadata specifications for the categories of “basic (Basic NFT information. Name, type, thumbnail image, number of issues, etc.)”, “contents (NFT content information and license information for use and modification)” , and “property (Ancillary information such as the nature of the content)”, this specification aims to create a format suitable for using content in the blockchain era.

■Features of Oct-Pass API spec

The “Oct-Pass API spec” defines a common API specification for distributing and using NFTs across different blockchains.

Traditionally, NFTs have only existed within a specific blockchain, such as Ethereum, but by implementing gateways for multiple blockchains in accordance with this specification, NFTs will be easier to handle by applications and services on different blockchains.

As a reference implementation of this API specification, we plan to start a demonstration experiment of the NFT multi-chain gateway in our blockchain game development support service “MCH+” by the end of 2020.

■Publication of Oct-Pass and solicitation of opinions

Oct-0 (Open Contents Token Spec ver.0), the 0th edition of the Oct-Pass common metadata specification, is available at the following URL from today.

URL: www.oct-pass.org

At the same time, we are soliciting feedback from industry companies and NFT creators until November 23, 2020.


The first version of Oct-1 is scheduled to be developed based on this call for comments.

Oct-1 is proposing a draft to industry organizations such as the Blockchain Content Association, with the goal of standardizing it by the end of 2020.

We also plan to release the Oct-Pass API spec beta version by the end of 2020.

■ Companies that support Oct-Pass

double jump.tokyo Inc.

Founded on April 3, 2018 by members with expertise in the development and operation of numerous games (mobile social games, PC online games, home games, etc.) and platforms, and finance, including blockchain technology and crypto assets, as a dedicated blockchain game development company.
We offer blockchain games such as My Crypto Heroes, the world’s №1 transaction volume and trading volume on Ethereum, as well as MCH+, a blockchain game development support service.

Company Name: double jump.tokyo Inc.
Location: 4–34–7 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Representative: CEO Hironobu Ueno
Business activities: Development, operation and sales of games and assets using blockchain technology
Website: https://www.doublejump.tokyo/

CryptoGames Inc.

We offer products such as Cryptospells, a blockchain card game that can be played without a wallet or ethereum; by issuing a card with NFT, users are able to prove ownership and make transactions digitally as freely as analog cards.

Company Name: CryptoGames, Inc.
Location: daiwa Sasazuka Building 6F, 1–64–8 Sasazuka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: CEO Kota Ozawa
Business description: development and operation of services using blockchain technology
Website: http://cryptogames.co.jp/


We are managing ”FiNANCiE”, a new generation crowdfunding 2.0 project that uses blockchain technology. ”FiNANCiE” is a new generation crowdfunding service in which influencers, artists, idols and sports teams who want to make their dreams come true issue and sell tokens (FT & NFT) and recruit supporters to help them achieve their dreams.

Company Name: FiNANCiE Inc.
Location: 15F Cerulean Tower, 26–1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: CEO Ryuichi Tanaka
Business description: development and operation of services using blockchain technology
Website: https://www.corp.financie.jp

Smart App Inc.

“GO!WALLET”, a cryptocurrency wallet application, and “GO BASE”, a blockchain platform service etc, for IP and content providers.
We aim to expand the economic sphere of blockchain services by linking the various apps and games offered on the blockchain with existing IP and content providers.

Company Name : Smart App Inc.
Location : Shintoku Hongo Building 7F, 3–38–1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Representative: CEO Ko Jangdeok
Business: Development and operation of cryptocurrency wallets and blockchain platform services
Home Page : https://www.smartapp.co.jp/






NFTをもっと自由に! 異なるアプリケーションやブロックチェーン間でNFTを相互利用するための Open Contents Token共通仕様「Oct-Pass」

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