Oct-Pass metadata format Oct-0 release and public comment

Oct 22, 2020 · 2 min read
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The Oct-Pass metadata format Oct-0 (Open Contents Token Spec ver.0) will be released and public comments will be solicited.

Public comments will be accepted until November 23, 2020, and based on the feedback, we plan to develop Oct-1, which will become version 1. Oct-1 will be proposed to industry organizations such as the Blockchain Content Association, and we aim to have it standardized by the end of 2020.

Oct-Pass metadata format Oct-0

basic category

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contents category

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property category

metadata example

“oct-pass”: 1,
“token_uri”: “https://www.mycryptoheroes.net/metadata/hero/50010006",
“name”: “Nobunaga Oda #50010006 Lv.92”,
“description”: “Heroes are unique characters, originated from My Crypto Heroes. Pick your hero and compete in the MCH universe! The hero type of this asset is Nobunaga Oda.”,
“image”: “https://www.mycryptoheroes.net/images/heroes/2000/5001.png",
“owner”: “Ethereum:0x68c8250078d18c43Fb02cBaCe669153c3d5fc479”,
“nft_id”: “50010006”,
“nft_class”: “MyCryptoHeroes:Hero”,
“nft_type”: “Nobunaga Oda”,
“nft_type_supply_limit”: 9,
“symbol”: “MCHH”,
“symbol_image”: “https://www.mycryptoheroes.net/images/symbol/mchh.png",
“external_url”: “https://www.mycryptoheroes.net/heroes/50010006",
“oct-pass_api”: “https://www.mycryptoheroes.net/octpass/",
“converted”: false,

“contents”: [{
“uri”: “https://www.mycryptoheroes.net/images/heroes/2000/5001.png",
“format”: “PNG”,
“useable”: true,
“derivative”: true,
“license”: {
“copyright”: “© 2018 double jump.tokyo, inc”,
“uri”: “https://www.mycryptoheroes.net/ja/terms",
“contact”: “info@doublejump.tokyo”
“rights”: {
publisher: [“double jump.tokyo”],

“attributes”: {
“type_name”:”Nobunaga Oda”, “lv”:92, “rarity”:”Legendary”, “hp”:471, “phy”:202, “int”:79, “agi”:114,
“active_skill”:”Hot chili pepper”, “passive_skill”:”Rule the Empire by Force”
“extras”: {
“active_skill_id”:3130, “ce”:910321, “current_art”:”Qmez4jc4S9y2mYDNDZpXaqXNHdcK636LfgPJqpvzcNwU8x”,
“current_stamina”:40, “hero_type”:5001, “max_stamina”:288, “passive_skill_id”:1001

Public Comment Registration Form

We want feedback on the above Oct-Pass metadata format Oct-0 (Open Contents Token Spec ver.0) until November 23, 2020. If you have an opinion, please register it using the form below.





NFTをもっと自由に! 異なるアプリケーションやブロックチェーン間でNFTを相互利用するための Open Contents Token共通仕様「Oct-Pass」

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