Week of 2016–07–24

What’s The Haps?

Rate Limiting — Slow your roll, there friend. Sometimes devices get a little too chatty for their own good. We re-introduced rate limiting into Meshblu. At the moment it is limited to incoming messages only, but will soon be applied to all Meshblu actions. See docs for details.

Endo Passthru — Endos are the upcoming replacement for Octoblu Channels. Endos allow you to build your own channel, deploy it, and secure the credentials for third-party APIs and services. Sometimes you don’t want to connect to a third party, or perhaps they don’t have authentication. Enter Endo Passthru. It will fake out the OAuth workflow and make it easier to build authenticationless Endos. There is still some work to do to make this an easy process, but if you are brave enough, you can use the generator to start now.

Powershell — “I have the power!” If you have previously tried to configure the Shell Thing, you’ve probably been vanquished by the evil Configutor. The required settings for running Powershell or the Command Prompt on Windows was less than obvious. Now, thanks to the power of multiple Configure Schemas, creating presets is easy. Simply choose the appropriate shell preset from the list and get started.

The Future

Connectors on Windows — Houston, we have a problem. Connectors currently run as a service on Windows. File this under: sounded like a good idea at the time. Unfortunately it prevents you from interacting with desktop applications. Windows connectors will be modified to run at login time and should work as expected.

Flows and Meshblu devices haven’t been the best of friends. Interaction has been limited to sending a direct message to a device, and receiving broadcast messages. Our crack team of relationship councilors have made a tremendous breakthrough and soon Flows and Meshblu will be able to communicate on many levels. Flows will be able to subscribe to all different subscription types, and update devices directly. This will make Flows much more powerful. We’ll have some examples once Flows and Meshblu have finished hugging it out.

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