Audio for the rotary phone

We started working towards reading the rotary phone input and playing the corresponding audio.

First, Catherine started with using and Arduino Wave Shield for this but we hit a roadblock with it as it did not read the Arduino serial port outputs.

Then, I moved on to using Processing for the same. Reading the Arduino serial port output from processing and playing the corresponding audio with each output. This was almost successful but it didn’t play the audio once but in loop :(

Sensing the couch of time, I decided to drop the processing idea and work with mp3 trigger which I had heard does a good job of taking inputs and trigger mp3 audio files.

mp3 trigger board’s RX pin is connected to the TX pin on arduino for receiving and transmitting. This worked perfectly for us!

The rotary phone came to life when Julia gave it the octavia voice and we all lived happily ever after :)

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