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Dance Is Fun In ODC/School’s Spring Showcase

Chester Lawton

ODC/School in “In This Light.” Photo by Robbie Sweeny.

It is always a pleasure to watch younger people like myself move their bodies. I was personally very intrigued by the choreography and the fun energy of “In This Light,” co-directed and choreographed by Kristin Damrow and Lindsay Leonard. It put off a “dance is fun” energy and I thought that was refreshing. My mom, Dana Lawton, is a dancer and I have grown up around dance. I have been to many concerts in my life but this one is a solid competitor for being the most interesting. I found it very moving that people of my age or younger were able to remember that choreography and perform through mistakes on stage.

I personally loved the first long section of the dance show because it was interpretive and I was trying to understand what the choreographer’s message was. I found myself coming to the conclusion that it was about unity and being together with each other. I loved this performance, it was super relatable and empowering.

Photo by Robbie Sweeny.

Seeds was a very moving group just because they were so in sync. I felt like that performance really shifted the energy in a positive way at the end of the show. I started to really connect with the music and the movement and found myself really enjoying that part of the showing.

The ODC/School dance performance was a really great experience for me and I would definitely go again. I think that getting younger people to move their bodies to music is amazing and should be praised. I enjoyed the performance overall and it was exciting to see someone my age (or younger) dancing with such confidence and enthusiasm.

Photo by Robbie Sweeny.

Chester Lawton is a 17 year old junior at Skyline High School. He has been watching dance for his whole life.




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