Game #21: Personal Expression Through Weird Equipment Preferences

Hockey players can be incredibly persnickety about their equipment. I think I had fewer hang ups than most of my teammates, but I can definitely think of a couple specific preferences that might seem a bit weird to the uninitiated.

  1. When lacing my skates I always skipped the first set of eyelets down by my toes. I’m not sure why. This was something that my dad always did and once I started managing my own equipment I just kept doing it.
  2. Lacing my skates from the outside in, instead of inside out, for the last two eyelets near my ankle. I think this was a trick to help my skates stay tight when I was first learning how to tie my own skates. When I tie my skates the very last thing I do before tying a knot is basically pointing my toes away from me and that gives the perfect amount of cinch around my ankles. The outside in lacing pattern basically locks it in.
  3. Near the end of my career I wore incredibly small shoulder pads. After I shattered my collarbone wearing normal shoulder pads in high school I basically overcorrected by switching to the smallest shoulder pads I could find. They were basically a piece of quilted fabric and little plastic cups over my shoulders.
  4. To go along with my tiny shoulder pads I also don’t wear an undershirt. Sometimes my chest gets cold.
  5. I don’t wear socks in my skates, just as God intended.

Things I Saw and Thought

  • Good things happen when you throw the puck at the net. Abdelkader‘s goal came from a seemingly harmless Larkin shot. Good to see Larkin continuing to make things happen on the offensive side of the ice. Good on Abdelkader to keep scoring by getting hit by pucks.
  • Getting scored on in the last minute of a period is a big no-no. My coaches were always very unhappy campers when that happened.
  • I was getting ready to write about how AA had been really quiet in my notes when he promptly took off on a breakaway and scored. Just think if Helm had finishing abilities like this. The last 5 years would’ve been a lot more fun and AA would seem a lot less like an aberration. But hey, I’ll take it.
  • Up 3–1 with 7:00 left? Hard to swallow that you walk out of this game with a loss.
  • We all felt that tying goal coming on, right? That’s as dominant as it gets in the last minute with the goalie pulled…
  • Can’t miss the net in overtime, can’t miss the net in overtime, can’t miss the net in overtime, can’t miss the net in overtime. I hope Blashill made Daley write this on the whiteboard in the locker room 100 times.
  • Good to see Dekeyser back. He looked pretty okay.
  • Kerfoot sounds like a hobbit.

Wings lose a bummer of a game in OT and fall to 10–8–3 on the season. The season is officially 1/4 over. Time flies when you force yourself to write snarky articles after every game (as they say).