Game #27: A Shellacking for the Ages

I think this game sapped my will to write about hockey.

An embarrassing night to be a Red Wing fan, for sure.

Game Thoughts

  • I’m not really sure what you can write about a game like that. As I said in the group text with my dad and brothers, “This is probably the worst Detroit Red Wings game I’ve ever watched.”
  • Are the Red Wings this bad? Of course not. Every team will have a game where it seems like every bounce goes against them and the final score is just silly. The concerning part is that this was the effort after getting hosed by the same team two nights before. These games are much easier to swallow when they come out of nowhere instead in the midst of a painful losing streak.
  • This is a bad time to be spinning out of control. The upcoming schedule is not going to be a fun time. I think we may be watching the stretch of games that keeps this team from competing for a playoff spot this season.

The Wings get laughed out of the arena by losing 10–1 and fall to 10–12–5 on the season.