Game #8: The One Time I Lost a Fight As Badly As You Possibly Can

One time I got into a hockey fight and I lost.

I’m generally not much of a fighter. I’ve only been in three. One was probably a draw, one was kind of a wrestling match, and one I epically, epically, lost. Let me tell you about that one.

The season prior to this altercation we played Robert Morris and our best player fought a guy from the other team. If I remember correctly, my teammate won that fight pretty handily. It may seem strange to start the story of my fight an entire year prior to it happening, but stay with me here.

Apparently, losing that fight to my teammate was not something his opponent could handle with dignity and grace. From what I’ve been told, his nearly sole purpose for continuing to play hockey the following season was to meet my teammate and force a rematch of that fight he lost in the prior season.

I knew none of this. All I know is that at one point he poked or slashed our goalie after a whistle and as a stay at home defenseman I took exception to that. I think I slashed him across the ankles and pushed him a little bit, but honestly it wasn’t much. It certainly didn’t merit the response he decided to go with… which was taking off his helmet, tossing his gloves to the side, and squaring up to me. The guy he actually wanted to fight wasn’t on the team anymore so apparently he was looking for a reason to fight anyone. I, like an idiot, obliged him.

I’m not sure why I didn’t just skate away or laugh at him. Instead, I had an out of body experience where I watched myself shake off my gloves, unbuckle my helmet, and toss everything to the side. I re-entered my body quickly enough to realize I had made a huge mistake. He was at least 20 pounds heavier and taller by 3 or 4 inches. I was severely outmatched. And guessing from his proclivity to immediately drop the mitts I realized he might be slightly more experienced in this part of the game than me.

I very quickly mentally scanned through my options and decided that if I was able to get close and essentially engage him in a bear hug he wouldn’t be able to pound me and the refs would be likely to step in and break it up/save my life. So, I went in for the grab. And he came across with a nice right hook that I caught right in the mouth.

I woke up a moment or two after I hit the ice and was able to get up and skate off the ice while leaving a nice blood trail behind me. I realized later that I even spattered some blood on the glass when I got to the boards to step off the ice. I made my way to the locker room, grabbed a towel, and held it to my face for awhile. I was in no hurry to go look at a mirror. I knew I was pretty messed up.

Anyway, went to the hospital, got some stitches in my lip, and had a “fun” story to tell for the rest of my life.

Good Things

  • Helm’s shorthanded goal was obviously pretty great. You can’t deny that the guy has pretty great speed. I can’t decide if his shot was just that perfect or if Holtby kind of biffed it somehow. I mean, he can’t be happy letting in an uncontested snapshot from outside the tops of the circles but on the other hand that was a hell of a shot.
  • I love how Mantha protects the puck. I hope he absorbs as much of Zetterberg’s aura before Z hangs up the skates for good.
  • I’m noticing Jensen’s offensive aggressiveness a bit. He has good speed and seems to be able to get back quickly so I’m okay with him exploring more of this part of his game. He should bust out the old Rafalski tapes and take some notes.
  • Congrats on Kronwall’s 800th game. I think his body is feeling every single one of those. I hope he retires with enough bodily health left to enjoy his retirement when the time comes.
  • Remember when I said it was important that Tatar scored against Toronto? *ahem* Turns out sometimes I know what I’m talking about.
  • Great game from Petr. Shades of two-seasons-ago Petr.

Bad Things

  • Unpopular opinion time… I’m starting to think Frk is too much of a one-trick pony to make a robust NHL career.
  • Green got walked horribly in the first and then made a really bad decision on the 2nd Capitals goal. I know you gotta take the good with the bad with a guy like him who has such a high offensive upside but god it makes my stay-at-home-defenseman blood boil when I see him drop the ball defensively.
  • Terrible decision by Oulette on the third Caps goal. You can’t be that aggressive when you’re short-handed, up a goal, with a minute left. You could tell that he recognized it the second he did it too.

Random Things

  • How good has Ovechkin’s start to the season been? I love watching this dude play hockey. I’m pretty sure I hold my breath the entire time the Wings are on the penalty kill and he’s on the ice.
  • Good news on the AA front makes me wonder if we’ve seen Booth in a Wings jersey for the last time in a long time (or ever). There’s going to have to be some maneuvering to make space for him and I have to imagine Mr. Booth is first on that list to be waived.
  • One of my favorite things in the world is to watch hockey games without any sound while I listen to a podcast. I like to think it results in more objective insights since I’m not being influenced by the announcers. Plus, podcasts are great.

Wings lose a tough one in OT, falling to 4–3–1 on the season.

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