A Different Perspective

This is Trebah Garden in Cornwall, UK. It’s a beautiful place and after a relaxing meander through the mix of domestic and tropical vegetation you come to a secluded private beach where you can paddle, eat ice-cream and gaze out to sea.

Looking back towards the house at the top of the valley, the pond with the Monet bridge is tranquil and peaceful and takes a good photo. Good enough to print.

You could print off the photo as is but what about looking at it from a different perspective? A panoramic perspective? You could have taken it with your smartphone or camera in panoramic view. But if you only have the standard ratio image, with OddPrints you can choose something a little different.

Creating your Panoramic…

Once the image is uploaded to the website, select the Panoramic preset which will select an 18″ x 4″ area of the photo. You can move it up and down the image to select the area you wish to print.

You can even choose a smaller section of the image by dragging the blue squares and moving the selected area around the image. The “How it looks when it’s been printed out” preview will update real-time as you move it so you can see what your print will look like straight away.

With this option you can capture the best parts of your picture and make a beautiful image really unique.