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Oddz Easy Options — Now on Frontier Mobile App

Trade Oddz options on the Frontier App

We’re pleased to announce that Oddz DEX is now live on Frontier. You can now trade crypto options on the go from your mobile devices. This is our first successful step in bringing DeFi options to the masses, and we are extremely proud of it. We’ve been building for a long time to bring a solid solution that will bring crypto derivatives into the mainstream. We also believe that integrations across crypto and DeFi platforms is key to making it accessible to more users and this partnership with Frontier marks the first of the many integrations underway in realizing this mission.

How Oddz Simplifies Options Trading for Frontier Users

Frontier is a crypto, DeFi, and NFT wallet where you can send, store and invest in 4,000+ crypto assets. The mobile application also allows you to earn passive income on your crypto by staking or supplying assets in DeFi apps and exploring web 3.0 from a single place. Users may also access popular dApps like Aave and Compound, as well as transact on more than 30 blockchains. The mobile wallet has now added Oddz DEX to the list, providing users with a quick gateway to DeFi options.

Options are integral to the sustainable growth of the crypto market. Given the high volatility of the crypto market, traders and investors are looking for various trading products that could help them manage their risks. Options are not just tools to make a profit from the crypto market, but also to hedge against market volatility. One of the main advantages is that trading options require you to commit less capital than any other market trade requires. You can even make as much or more profit when compared to other types of trades. It can mean more money in your pocket for a smaller investment.

And all this is now possible on Frontier. Oddz options DEX enables a simple and low-risk options trading experience for users. You can trade crypto options (BTC, ETH, AVAX and AAVE) without worrying about the complex concepts and terms native to derivatives. Based on your underlying asset price prediction, you may choose between weekly and monthly options strategies and execute the trade by loading your wallet with USDC. Even losses are predefined so that you have better capital protection.

Adding to all these features is the ability to hedge against your spot positions. Frontier users can purchase put options as an insurance against their spot token purchases. This will help them diversify their investments in a more structured manner. Lastly, trading options on Frontier automatically qualifies you for the Oddz option league leaderboard, where you may win exciting rewards.

More Partnerships and Integrations Underway

Easy Options is only the first Oddz integration on Frontier. Going forward, we will be adding more features and upgrades to provide an enhanced option trading experience. The success of this integration encourages us to partner with other leading applications in the DeFi industry and take Oddz to more users. Our team is actively working on finding suitable matches; you can soon see Oddz DEX live on some of your favorite DeFi applications.

About Frontier

Frontier is a multi-chain, non-custodial DeFi wallet where you can buy, store, transact, swap, and invest in tokens and NFTs. Available on iOS and Android, you can easily earn passive income on your crypto by staking or supplying assets in DeFi apps. The Frontier Wallet app offers a secure mobile interface that lets users easily access a range of DeFi features with direct connectivity with dApps across chains.

Using Frontier, users can also track wallets, collect & manage NFTs and get push notifications on any transactions. Adding more chains and simplifying access to Web3, Frontier Wallet aims to make DeFi more accessible for the next billion users.

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About Oddz

Oddz is a trustless on-chain options trading platform that expedites the execution of call and put options contracts, conditional trades, and futures. It allows the creation, maintenance, execution, and settlement of trustless option contracts, conditional tokens agreements, and futures contracts in a fast, secure, and flexible manner.

It employs the synergies of Ethereum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, and Polygon to unleash the potential of a decentralized options market. It focuses on building solutions that can propel the DeFi ecosystem by simplifying options trading and enhancing the user experience.

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oddz finance

oddz finance

Multi-chain Derivatives Trading Protocol built on Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot ,Polygon and Ethereum.