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$ODDZ ETH — POLYGON Bridge is Now Live!

Seamlessly Access $ODDZ on Ethereum and Polygon Network

$ODDZ ETH — POLYGON Bridge is Now Live!

Following the success of our Incentivised Testnet program on Polygon network, Oddz is elated to announce that Polygon bridge for ODDZ tokens is now live!

Polygon (Matic Network) is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. With the increase in gas fees and the need to expand to layer 2 protocols, we decided to go ahead with the Polygon network.


  • You can now bridge your ODDZ tokens from ETH to Polygon and BSC networks.
  • Just enable Polygon network on your MetaMask wallet to quickly bridge your tokens from one network to another
  • Bridging of ODDZ tokens from Ethereum network to Polygon could save you thousands in gas fees.

Why Polygon?

Though Ethereum remains the most effectively utilized blockchain globally, its fast adoption has resulted in excessive transaction costs. Despite being the blockchain development platform of choice, Ethereum has low throughput and high gas costs. Fortunately, Polygon has fostered a layer-2 network and scaling solution which combines the best of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains into a complete multi-chain system. Polygon is emerging as a practical option which is more open and powerful.

Bridging to layer 2 DeFi may seem difficult but it’s actually much easier. Once you bridge the Polygon network it will ensure faster and extremely low-cost transactions.

Which wallet to use for Polygon Network?

At Oddz we recommend using MetaMask wallet, which is a cost-free and a protected browser extension. It effortlessly allows users to interact with Ethereum blockchain along with several other networks, including Polygon.

Let us now see how you can bridge your ODDZ tokens from Ethereum to the Polygon network.

Setting up MetaMask for Polygon

New users can download and set up their MetaMask wallets here.

If you already have a MetaMask wallet, open it and click on the dropdown button on top that says “Ethereum Mainnet”. From the menu select “Custom RPC” to add Polygon network to your wallet.

A screen will pop up which will allow you to set up the “Custom RPC” for the Polygon network.

Enter the details given below:

Network Name: Matic Mainnet

New RPC URL: https://rpc-mainnet.matic.network/

Chain ID: 137

Symbol (optional): MATIC

Block Explorer URL (optional): https://explorer.matic.network/

Enter the details with care and verify that all the required fields are entered. Once examined, click on the “Save” button.

Transferring ODDZ from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon

Now that you have set up the Polygon network on your MetaMask wallet, you can now bridge your ODDZ tokens from Ethereum network to Polygon network. Click here to proceed: https://bridge.oddz.fi/

Users can now move their ODDZ tokens from Ethereum network to Binance Smart Chain and Polygon network. When you click on the bridge, you will get the following screen.

Please note: Since I have connected with my Ethereum network, the arrow points downwards indicating that I can move my ODDZ from Ethereum network to Binance Smart Chain.

Since we want to move from Ethereum to the Polygon network, we click on the dropdown shown above and click on the Polygon network.

Now that we are on the ETH — POLYGON bridge, we need to select the number of ODDZ tokens that we want to move to the Polygon network. I have 200 ODDZ tokens and would like to move all of them to the Polygon network. I click on MAX and then complete the process by clicking on transfer. We will get the following confirmation screen. Click on “Confirm”.

Another pop-up will appear on the screen showing that our ODDZ tokens are being transferred to the Polygon network.

I have now successfully transferred the tokens to the Polygon network.

But I do not see them in my wallet!!

Add ODDZ as a Custom Token on Matic Mainnet

Many are not aware but even if you’ve added ODDZ to your wallet on Ethereum Mainnet, you will again have to add it on the Matic Mainnet to view your balances. This is done because ODDZ’s address is not the same on Polygon as it is on Ethereum.

Your wallet might probably look like this even when the balance on the bridge shows 200 ODDZ in your Polygon network. Add ODDZ tokens to your wallet and remove the hassle of checking your balance on the bridge.

Click on add token and enter the Token Contract Address: 0x4e830F67Ec499E69930867f9017AEb5B3f629c73

You can now see your ODDZ balance on your MetaMask wallet anytime!

Not to forget, gas fees on Polygon are near to zero not zero. It’s not completely free to transact on Polygon so you’ll need some MATIC tokens in your wallet to do any kind of transaction.

About Oddz

Oddz is a trustless on-chain derivatives trading platform that expedites the execution of call and put options contracts, conditional trades, and futures. It allows the creation, maintenance, execution, and settlement of trustless option contracts, conditional tokens agreements, and futures contracts in a fast, secure, and flexible manner.

It employs the synergies of Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Polygon, Elrond Network and Chromia to unleash the potential of a decentralized derivatives market. It focuses on building solutions that can propel the DeFi ecosystem by simplifying derivatives trading and enhancing the user experience.

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World’s First Multi-chain Derivatives Trading Protocol built on Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot ,Polygon and Ethereum.

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oddz finance

oddz finance

Multi-chain Derivatives Trading Protocol built on Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot ,Polygon and Ethereum.

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