How to unfollow ALL your Twitter followers at once, in bulk, in one click (almost)

Twitter makes it very hard to unfollow all your Twitter followers. 3rd party services had to withdraw this feature because they got letters from Twitter “asking” them to remove that option. “Asking” in quotes, because otherwise Twitter would have likely removed their permissions which would shut their business.


So here is a workaround for unfollowing all your Twitter followers quickly, in the shortest number of clicks. If you find an easier way, please tell me in the comments.

- If you don’t know your way around Twitter, installing programs, or using a PC, please follow these steps carefully, or not at all.
- These steps require registering to Tweepi’s Silver plan, which costs $7.95 for one month. It’s well worth it, in my opinion.
- These instructions are useful for PC users only. If you have a Mac, you can probably afford paying someone to do this for you. (I’m just kidding. If you spent all your money on buying the Mac, you may not.)

Step by step instructions to un-following all your Twitter followers

  1. Sign up with Tweepi for their $7.45 Silver subscription. Nope, I am not affiliated with them or getting any cuts. You can pay with PayPal.
  2. Click on their Cleanup page.
  3. At the bottom of the page, choose the option to show 100 users (which is the maximum).
  4. This page is where you’re supposed to manually click ‘Unfollow’ on each of the users you want to un-follow. They try to make it easy by letting you simply click your mouse button hundred time in succession. But if you have thousands of people, you’ll get tired very, very quickly. I gave up after 1,000.
  5. So now we need a way to easily click 100 times on the mouse, without really doing so. In geek parlance we need a macro.
  6. Go to Autokey and download their free open-source macro tool. Install it. When installation is done, click on ‘Run AutoHotkey’.
  7. Notepad will open up, showing you the default macro script. Don’t worry about it. Simply delete it all. Then copy and paste this text instead. Note the first line starts with a # character and ends with a double colon — ::
    [and so one — copy and paste a total of 100 times the word ‘click’ in a new line]
  8. Click Save (in Notepad) to save the script. Then in your taskbar (that’s the bottom status bar in your Windows machine), find the AutoHotKey icon (looks like a green H), right mouse click and choose ‘Reload This Script’.
  9. Navigate back to the Chrome (or whatever browser) window which is open still in Tweepi.
  10. Position your mouse cursor over the top ‘Unfollow’ button.
  11. Ready? Click the Windows keyboard button (the one near the Alt and Ctrl) plus Space key (the long one…)
  12. Voila! Depending on your internet connection, you no longer have to click hundred times on the mouse button. If you internet connection is slow, you may need to tap Windows+Space again. Careful: wait a few seconds till all 100 clicks are performed, otherwise you’ll find your mouse cursor misbehaving a bit.
  13. When you’re done, you can cancel your Tweepi subscription so you don’t get charged the following month. You can uninstall AutoHotKey by running the AutoHotKey Setup and choosing the option ‘Uninstall’.