Richard Maaghul
May 7, 2018 · 2 min read

Five Top Reasons to Hodl ODEM Tokens

Hodl! That’s no ordinary typo. In the world of cryptocurrency, it means “hold on for dear life,” or “don’t sell your digital tokens too soon.” The crypto-meme’s proliferation inspired us at On-Demand Education Marketplace to come up with five compelling reasons to holdl ODEM Tokens. Critical to the operation of the ODEM Platform, the tokens are central to the company’s mission to make higher education more accessible and affordable.

  1. ODEM has a solid corporate base. Not your typical crypto project, ODEM is allied with Excelorators Inc., a leader in organizing in-person training at top U.S. universities and corporate campuses. Excelorators is already connected to thousands of students and hundreds of educators. “Blockchaining” an existing client-service model is a lot less risky than starting from scratch.
  2. ODEM management keeps its promises. ODEM-T began trading on Ethfinex and Bitfinex exchanges last month, less than three weeks after ODEM’s crowdsale, as promised by CEO Rich Maaghul and COO Bill Bayrd. It’s no secret that many new crypto tokens take months to get listed, if ever. More listings for ODEM on quality exchanges are in the works, including those that independently approached ODEM to join their trading roster.
  3. ODEM is an up-and-comer. In the first three weeks of trading, ODEM’s market capitalization jumped to $37.8 million from $10.65 million. In April, the price of ODEM-T doubled, placing the token among the top ten best performing in a universe of 300 ranked by market cap. ODEM also has a pipeline of planned development updates, including the June release of the ODEM Platform’s Beta version.
  4. ODEM-T is key to the ODEM Platform. As students and educators from around the world use ODEM-T to stake, or register, their commitment to take or teach academic courses, the global supply of ODEM-T will tighten, exerting upward pressure on the token. Total supply is limited and ODEM reserves the right to buy back.
  5. ODEM-T buyers who Hodl get rewarded. ODEM Platform early adopters can earn bonus ODEM-T by agreeing to store their tokens for a specific period. ODEM’s self-lock program will run until the ODEM network is fully operational. Sign up soon. Rewards will be paid quarterly.

I hope you’ll join our journey to help more people lift themselves up economically through improved access to affordable higher education.

Richard Maaghul,


Education Should be Affordable for Everyone

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