ODEM and Perpetual Curriculum Royalties

Ensuring that educators receive their fair share of revenue from their teaching and curriculum development is an important goal of On-Demand Education Marketplace.

Blockchain technology, the encryption software that underlays digital currencies such as Bitcoin, is increasingly being considered to ensure that intellectual property owners are properly compensated.

For example, the music and entertainment industry is actively exploring how blockchain can securely and cost-effectively track and distribute royalties.

While we’re building the ODEM Platform to make higher education more accessible and affordable for students, we’re also creating a vibrant and useful marketplace in which educators can raise their professional visibility and monetize their academic knowledge.

ODEM is using blockchain-based smart-contracts to automate the payment of ODEM Tokens to professors when they personally teach an academic program or their licensed curriculum is used by other educators. We call it the Perpetual Curriculum Royalty.

PCR is just one of several use cases we’re developing for the ODEM Platform. When the portal is completed, ODEM will be the world’s premier provider of high-caliber, verifiable education at an affordable price.

Stay tuned for more about ODEM.

Rich Maaghul