ODEM and Program Revenue Sharing

Enabling educators to efficiently partner with other academics through curriculum licensing is an important part of our mission at On-Demand Education Marketplace. It’s one example of how we’re using blockchain technology to make high-quality, in-person education more accessible, affordable and verifiable.

Through the use of blockchain-based smart contracts, our ODEM Platform will allow educators to license their curriculum to other instructors and automatically share in revenue from the teaching of the content. Smart contracts that execute automatically based on real-world inputs, will manage payments and disbursements on the platform.

We believe the ODEM Platform will become a powerful tool to reduce the administrative burden on educators who are keen to license their curriculum. It’s all part of using the platform to build personal-brand awareness and generate significant passive income from their academic specialties.

The platform was originally conceived to reduce the cost of delivering high-quality curriculum by eliminating inefficient intermediaries.

Among use cases being developed for the platform, Program Revenue Sharing is attracting significant interest from established professors. Educators who contribute to the platform’s success will also be incentivized with ODEM Tokens, our digital currency.

When the ODEM Platform is completed, we believe ODEM will be the world’s premier provider of high-caliber, verifiable education at an affordable price.

Stay tuned for more ODEM Developments.

Rich Maaghul