Dr. Adel ElMessiry
Oct 24, 2018 · 2 min read

ODEM is delivering on its promise to make education more accessible, affordable, transferable and verifiable for students everywhere by providing educators with the ultimate in flexibility for program creation, scheduling, and pricing.

Slated for launch in February 2019, the ODEM Platform provides educators with a suite of powerful tools to generate innovative and cost-effective academic offerings. The Platform, which enables Educator Program monetization, will open for public access in two phases.

Phase I development of the Platform’s Educator Portal, scheduled for internal and beta testing in November, includes functionality allowing educators to:

  • Create a profile including: websites, social media links, CV/resumes, areas of expertise, and wallet addresses.
  • Indicate per-student prices of several types of events within a program on a campus of their specification.
  • Indicate if a program will be geared towards students or executives and establish pre-requisites and flexibility options.
  • Confirm that events have concluded and certificates or badges are able to be verified and uploaded to the blockchain and InterPlanetary Filing System (IPFS).
  • Obtain and view ODEM Token rewards received based on tasks completed (ie: referrals, registration, event completion).
  • Message students and system administrators, and view timelines for programs they are confirmed to participate in.
  • Modify and export program content to Excel/CSV (comma-separated values).

Phase II development is underway and will be live on the Ethereum mainnet in February. Between now and then, integrations with the IPFS will continue, as well as development allowing educators to:

  • Invite others to participate alongside them in the same or other events within a program.
  • Manage and receive ODEM Token rewards and fiat payments for staked and completed programs.
  • View and track payments, when connected to the payment system.
  • View students within each program they participate in.

I believe the most important part of blockchain technology is not how groundbreaking it is, but rather how its use can positively impact an industry. ODEM’s use of blockchain and the Educator Portal helps educators and students collaborate, engage, and define the modern landscape of education on a global scale.

Please stay tuned for updates about the Educator Portal.

Adel ElMessiry, Ph.D.,
Chief Technology Mentor,


Education Should be Affordable for Everyone

Dr. Adel ElMessiry

Written by

Adel is Chief Technology Mentor at ODEM, developer of the blockchain-powered ODEM Platform, a global education marketplace.



Education Should be Affordable for Everyone

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