What is dIRA?

Quentin Vea
Apr 18 · 2 min read
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dIRA stands for “decentralized Individual Retirement Account” and refers to a financial product developed above the blockchain technology. The dIRA creates a different alternative to the standard individual retirement plans we are used to. Savings can only be made with the ODE currency.

Trusting Blockchain

The potential of blockchains to disrupt industrial sectors, commercial processes, governmental structures or economic systems seems to know no bounds. We think that the transformative power of blockchain technology should not be seen as a threat to existing systems of governance.

As you know much of the world’s information, from credit card transactions to medical and financial records, is stored in these types of technologies. The decentralised, transparent, verifiable nature of the system means we can trust people and organisations precisely because trust is no longer an issue. The integrity of the system, of every participant, and of every transaction is underpinned by the network as a whole. Trust, like the information, has been distributed and secured.

The differences between dIRA and IRA

Wherever there is chronic unemployment and poverty, workers must look further and further afield to find income opportunities. Those who find the job they are looking for have very low income in retirement because they have difficulty in saving money. Contrary to all this, ODE offers a saving retirement plan. Even if your contribution payments are minimum, relaxable days will be waiting for you in retirement.

The age criterion proposed by the central authorities to retire is a problem for everyone. Because even if you have paid all your contributions, you will not have any income until your age reaches the age set by the governments. However, according to the dIRA plan, you can retire whenever you want, regardless of age. In order to have a pleasant retirement, should to pay your contributions with regularly. ODE is committed to providing you with a satisfactory income for a happy retirement.

Example Retirement Plan

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According to this table, monthly 5 ODE regular contributions were provided for 120 months.

Use automatic computation for more examples: dIRA Computation

In short, dIRA is a DeFi product. It is offered for the first time in the world by ODE. Stay tuned for innovative products and services.

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