MYTH: “Some people just aren’t good at sales — like introverts”

10 examples of good sales and business development people (that are not the ones you would think).

It was the famous Brian Tracy who said:

‘I would rather hire an interested introvert for a sales role than an interesting extrovert’

There are still so many misconceptions about who is going to be effective at sales and business development.

Here is a list of 10 Sales/Business Development qualities that have nothing to do with personality or profession:

  1. A genuine interest in helping people
  2. The ability to build rapport with others
  3. A passion for the work one does for others
  4. Knowledge of one’s products and services
  5. An ability to communicate the work you do (in at least one of many different ways
  6. A belief that sales and business development are critical to business success
  7. Discipline to follow up with people you meet or work with
  8. An appreciation that in a service based business, selling work is a means to keep people in meaningful employment for the long term.
  9. Generousity, or a willingness to offer up something to someone else
  10. Optimism, and a sense of willingness to see a positive future

Despite the historical literature, good sales people are NOT necessarily:

  • Arrogant or overly confident
  • Charismatic and the life of the party
  • Sociable and friends with everyone
  • Aggressive and competitive
  • Intelligent only

Effective sales and business development requires an individual to understand what contribution they can make. Nowadays, people can create more revenue sitting behind a computer online, instead of interacting with potential clients face to face. Be sure to find a place for everyone in your company to contribute to revenue generation.