Sustainable Economic Growth

The election is behind us.

The new Administration will be in office soon and life will go on. Our Country and our planet will continue marching forward, regardless of how frightening the headlines might sometimes be.

That said: the urgency for sustainable economic growth and investing has never been greater.

The good thing is that Mission Driven businesses and investing have become mainstream. The idea that the private sector and private citizens have an obligation to think about Sustainability is now consensus.

This is a great thing.

America has always been a nation of entrepreneurs. From our Founding document which might have been the greatest Startup Business Plan ever, we have been a nation of outsiders, builders, and hard working doers.

Now more than ever, entrepreneurship is at the forefront of our Country’s psyche and mindset.

So as we usher in a new era of Government, perhaps we can also find a newfound commitment to taking Mission seriously in all of our business building.

Mission Driven ways of business building are consistent with profits now and into the future. Operating more efficiently means cost savings. Caring for the planet means being a good citizen for your workers and neighbors and generating more revenues from your customers as a result. Developing more sustainable ways of operating means solving hard problems for billions of people. Upgrading old buildings means more prosperity for local communities. Rebuilding our infrastructure means a better, more efficient life everyday.

And all of these things mean jobs. And economic growth.

If you don’t have a Mission Driven approach and a Values Based culture in the increasingly transparent world of tomorrow, you will fail. Millennials will quit your company. Customers will choose others who deliver on meaningful and sustainable brand promises. Partners will choose others to work with.

The great news is that now more than ever, businesses and citizens can incorporate these mindsets into their daily lives. They can live their values and build with mission first.

It is an urgent time for many reasons. Especially following a tumultuous and sometimes uncomfortable election season, it is understandable that people might lose hope. But now is time for the exact opposite.

It is time for action.

Our Country, our Planet and our Future depend on it.