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Introducing ODIN blockchain protocol




New roles for our community

Oracle scripts

New Additional Governance Token — ODIN

  • to pay for data received from the network;
  • to use the tokens, they own to become validators;
  • to delegate their tokens to a validator to earn a portion of the collected fees and inflationary rewards;
  • To participate in network governance.
  • Data consumers pool — 10%;
  • Staking and validator’s rewards — 30%;
  • Company & Founding team — 10%;
  • ODIN Treasury — 50% (ODIN tokens allocated to ODIN Treasury are not taking part in System Governance).
  • Fees and limits set by the protocol and system governance;
  • Changes to system parameters and data oracles.

DPoS Consensus

Protocol Governance


  • Selling ODIN token to the market participants (Data consumers, Stakers, Validators, Investors) and keeping received payments in the form of native crypto assets (BTC, ETH, DAI) and tokenized USD
  • 80% of collected funds received from selling ODIN token to be used to buy out GEO token via auction mechanism every time as soon as 800 USD threshold is achieved, acquired GEO tokens will be allocated to recycling pool for future use as a means of payment to data providers
  • 20% of collected funds are subject to invest in DeFi space with investment decisions offered and approved by System Governance

Development Roadmap

Welcome to the future of true decentralized big data industry!



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