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ODIN Protocol Tech & Marketing UPDATE

As many of you know, we have been working on the ODIN network for quite some time now. Today we are happy to release a quick overview of our upcoming ODIN testnet v0.1 & what you can expect.

Testnet release is scheduled around the 5th of June. You will require ODIN tokens to be able to run ODIN nodes & earn ODIN as rewards (The tokens will be redeemable on the launch of Mainnet.)

Stake ODIN to earn yield.

Close to the testnet release, we will start The ODIN Staking Program to enable ODIN holders to earn yield in ODIN tokens by locking ODIN tokens in an interest yield contract. More info on this soon.

Bi-Weekly Update

ODIN team will be releasing short updates every 2nd Wednesday to keep our community informed with the latest developments & progress. Next update on May 12th.

Process of becoming a Validator

We will be listing the process of becoming a Validator in the next update on May 12th.

On Friday, April 30th, we will release a short video explaining how the back end works. Although you may not be as excited as we are by seeing the back-end functionality, this is a critical part of our developing technology. The Backend is now complete, and in the next few days, we will be running tests & working on the UI. A post regarding this will be shared soon.

Here is a quick look at the genesis setup & purpose of both tokens.

ODIN testnet v0.1: What to expect

Test Net Capabilities:

  • create wallet
  • exchange ETH/ERC20 to ODIN
  • exchange GEO to ODIN
  • create data sources
  • edit data sources
  • create oracle scripts
  • edit oracle scripts
  • create proposals (for parameters changes)
  • deposit to proposals
  • vote for proposals
  • create requests to several oracle validators
  • delegate coins to validators
  • undelegate coins
  • become oracle validator
  • become system validator
  • withdraw validators rewards
  • withdraw coins from the treasury
  • send coins between accounts
  • slash validators
  • query system parameters
  • query data sources
  • query oracle scripts
  • query requests
  • query reports
  • query system supply
  • query accounts’ balances
  • query community pool (tokens used to reward data providers for data and validators for their work)
  • query fee pool (pool where the commission of data requestors is sent and used for exchanging GEO tokens to ODIN)
  • query treasury (if an account is among eligible for querying from treasury pool, then it can withdraw a limited amount of coins from tokens, not taking part in system governance)
  • query total system supply (all the tokens of the system)

Just in case you are wondering about ODIN use cases:

WEn Marketing?

Coming to the question that many of you have asked about!

In the next few days, we will be conducting the following activities:

Strategic Partnerships

Odin has been working with quite a few well-known companies for some time now. As a strategic initiative, you will see an increase in the number of partnerships joining our network. We have several huge ones at work that we will be announcing soon.

Community Growth

Through GeoDB, we already have an established userbase & communities across the world. 300k+ geocash users, 100k+ community members across the globe. We will be slowly making them aware of the ODIN launch & how they can benefit from being a part & running node of ODIN.

This map represents the current users of GeoCash

ODIN team will be conducting AMAs on various telegram & discord groups to bring more awareness to the project.

Promotional Activities

We have been in touch with many influencers over the past few months who understand our vision & have seen us grow. We will be working with many of them within the crypto space to promote ODIN on different social media channels — most importantly, Youtube & Twitter.

Asgard Program

Under Asgard program, we will actively look for volunteers who want to work closely with us & give us constant feedback. We have done this successfully with the GEO stars program & we are sure we will find some amazing talent within the ODIN community!

Marketing Team Growth

Now we will be growing our marketing team with a focus on the crypto crowd. This will include hiring designers & writers who can create engaging content. If you like what we are doing and can contribute, please email anant@geodb.com with your details.

We’re making great progress with the development & are really excited about the future of ODIN. We look forward to providing more updates as we progress along our journey!



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