ODIN Mainnet Migration

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4 min readDec 10, 2021


Token migration is the process of migrating your BSC ODIN to Mainnet ODIN.

This tutorial will guide you through the steps to migrate your BSC ODIN to Mainnet ODIN (Cosmos) using the token migration web tool.


All tokens bought after April 21 2022 18:00 CET have no value and are invalidated. Please do not buy on Pancake swap as you wont be able to exchange them for mainnet tokens. Once you bridge your BSC ODINs, you it may take 24 hours to complete the process. Please wait for us to check and complete the trnsaction.

Migration is not obligatory, you can choose to move your tokens anytime till dec 10 2022 provided that you bought them before April 21 2022 (18:00 CET). After which date legacy tokens will not hold value anymore. It is advised to move asap so you can stake on mainnet & participate in governance.

If you have any confusion, please seek help here: https://t.me/odinprotocol or our discord chat : https://discord.gg/cUXKyRq


To use the ODIN web tool, you must first fulfill the following requirements:

  • MetaMask Wallet (we only support connecting with MetaMask browser extension);
  • BSC ODIN in your MetaMask Account;
  • A small amount of BNB in your MetaMask Account (For paying the BSC transaction fee).
  • Install Keplr wallet browser extension

Install Keplr

Keplr is an open-source browser extension wallet that supports the Cosmos interchain ecosystem. It provides functionalities for account and wallet management for all Cosmos-SDK-based blockchains.

The Keplr extension is supported only on Chrome. You can also use it on Brave, but some features may be unavailable. You can’t, however, use the Keplr extension from your mobile. Also, please note that anyone with your mnemonic seed can take your assets, and you can’t recover any lost mnemonic seed.

Use Keplr extension to create a wallet:

  1. Install the Keplr extension
  2. Click on the installed Keplr extension that will prompt the following page in your browser:

3. Either Create a new account or Import an existing account with the mnemonic phrase that you got from the ODIN testnet or previously creating an account. Note that currently, the wallet is not connected to the ODIN network, so it will not show the correct info for that account.

Create account: In case you have never used Keplr or didn’t participate in ODIN testnet
Import account: If you participated in ODIN testnet, you could easily import your wallet using your mnemonic phrase.

How to migrate

You will need to permanently lock your BSC ODIN.

To use the migration web tool to migrate your ODIN, you will have to lock the BSC ODIN permanently. This means that these ODINs are as good as burnt.

There will be a period of time before ODIN appears on your mainnet address as we transfer them once every 24 hours.

Steps to Migration

Open Web Tool

Go to the ODIN Token Migration website

A pop-out window will ask you for permission to add the ODIN network to Keplr and also give access:

After you approve, you need to open the extension and click on the network name at the top.

From there, a menu with all the networks will open, and you should select ODIN118. After that, Keplr will visualize the correct information about your account:

This will be displayed as ODIN 118

You will notice that the ODIN address section on the web tool is already populated:

Enter the amount you would like to move over to the Mainnet & click Lock them up!

Sign & Approve Transaction

Give permission to access ODIN on your Metamask wallet.

Sign The Lock Transaction

A second MetaMask popup will appear and ask for your confirmation to permanently lock your BSC ODIN.

PermaLock Contract (0x8Ec769e84790Be3666D263313903D12Cf0bc1972).

Please ensure all the information on this popup is correct before clicking “Confirm.” In addition, you may adjust the gas parameters of your choice.

Successful Submission

If your migration request is submitted, you will see the following page.

Please give us 24 hours to process your request. Once processed, you will see your ODIN amount in Keplr wallet.