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TrustWallet >>to>> Metamask

Instruction on how to import your trust wallet to metamask before you begin ODIN mainnet transfer.

Thanks to an active ODIN community member Michal Farkas for this contribution!


Open your Metamask wallet

When you have your Metamask wallet already, it should look like this (with the assets you own). To import your Trust wallet into Metamask, click on the circle menu in the upper right corner and click lock. If you don’t have a Metamask wallet, you skip to page 2 and import the Recovery Phrase from there.

It will direct you to the main login page. Underneath the “UNLOCK” button, there is the “import using Secret Recovery Phrase” option. Click on it.

In the next window, do as follows:

1. Insert your Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase (how to find it? Video HERE)

2. Choose your password

3. Confirm your password

4. Click “Restore”

Now you should have your Trust wallet imported into your Metamask wallet. Change Ethereum Mainnet to Smart Chain (BSC Chain) where your Odin tokens are present. If you don’t see them yet, the last step is to import Odin tokens to your Smart Chain (BSC Chain wallet).

Click on Import tokens on your Metamask wallet.

Write Odin in the search bar.

Confirm the import.

After successful import, this is what you should see in your Metamask wallet. Both BNB and Odin, with the same balance you have on your Trust wallet, of course.

From this point, you are ready to follow the Official Odin Protocol Mainnet transfer instructions posted on Odin Medium.

Good luck!



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