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In the beginning was the Word

A chronicle of audio content transformation

Photo by Heorhii Heorhiichuk

As a radio passionate from the early 00s, this sentence has often sounded weird, but sacred to me.

From FM to online radio

Let me give you a bit of a context: in 2001, we launched our first electronic radio show on FM university radio Fréquence Banane. Simply called UZIC, it became a local webradio in 2014, broadcasting various styles of electronic music — from heavy techno to fancy house or alternative jungle. Believe me or not, our first music podcasts (erased from iTunes since then, due to authors rights) was launched in 2005, a bit before those of Swiss national radio Couleur3. At its peak, between 2009 and 2010, our Internet radio reached over 1,2 million unique listeners per month worldwide. Among readers of this article, is there really no (former) artist and/or listener of UZIC ? For the most curious of you, check out one of our last dj-sets broadcasted live by programme manager Raynald Borcard, aka SickSpud, from Zurich’s International Radio Festival 2015:

Rise of the podcasts

You may have already guessed the pride I still feel about this student project. Not bad for amateurs of music and artists interviews!

While Benoit Curdy and Michael from the UZIC crew published their first tech podcast (Niptech) in 2009, I became a podcaster of my own only much later: after Michael’s initiative, Nip$ales podcast went live in 2014 and, at the same time, Nipconf conference, both ending up in 2017 (the podcast after 60 episodes, the conference after 3 venues) ; Nipmédite, the French-speaking podcast about Mindfulness, took place in 2016 ; Airccelerate podcast hosts since 2017 a monthly entrepreneur interview thanks to the support of Jérémie Wagner ; last, but not least, Nipcraft tastes Craft beers from all over the world since last year and provides experience based clues about brewing, or selling beers.

Meanwhile, online platforms raised as well: from Facebook (2004), YouTube (2005), Spotify (2006) or Soundcloud (2007), to the most recent ones such as Musical.ly (2014), Anchor (2015) or TikTok (2016).

Back to audio experiments

Video rules the world nowadays, audio podcasts have not said their last word though. After years of radio, music and audio experiences, we decided to put together our passion and knowledge for sound in the new Odiolab project, available on Anchor as well as on most audio platforms. For this purpose, we gathered electronic artists and podcasters in order to regularly broadcast genuine content, from music live-acts to vocal podcasts.

Welcome to the 2. live act of the techno artist SickSpud, as it is an exclusive music podcast of Odiolab.

Click on the above-mentioned episode of Odiolab and you will hear the techno live-act performed by the Swiss artist SickSpud. This exclusive session was broadcasted in premiere on 22. May 2020 to celebrate the end of containment in Europe… or at least the very beginning of the end (?!)

By the way, do you remember Spud ? The jerk from the memorable film Trainspotting released in 1996. He actually inspired the artist SickSpud in more than a way: he started as a DJ in the early 2000’s, playing his pumping music in the most alternative clubs of Switzerland at that time (i.e. Love Zoo or Markthalle). By then, he has been always more involved in studio creation.

Looking for artists, not stars

It has always been a part of our philosophy: wide open, we are looking for curious experimenters at Odiolab, especially for music and sounds out of vocals. English, French, German or Italian speakers, please go ahead. Listener’s feedbacks & insights are also greatly welcome.

We will keep up with the good vibes.



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