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Fiscal positions and tax mapping in odoo14

Default taxes and accounts are set on products and customers to create new transactions on the fly. However, you might have to use different taxes and record the transactions on different accounts, according to your customers’ and providers’ localizations and business types.

Fiscal Positions allow you to create sets of rules to automatically adapt the taxes and the accounts used for a transaction.

They can be applied in various ways:

- Automatically applied, based on some rules
- Manually applied on a transaction
- Assigned to a partner, on its contact form

Tax and Account Mapping
To edit or create a Fiscal Position, go to Odoo Accounting ‣ Configuration ‣ Fiscal Positions, and open the entry you want to modify or click on Create.

The mapping of taxes and accounts is based on the default taxes and accounts defined in the products’ forms.

- To map to another tax or account, fill out the right column (Tax to Apply/Account to Use Instead).
- To remove a tax, rather than replacing it with another, leave the field Tax to Apply empty.
- To replace a tax with multiple other taxes, add multiple lines with the same Tax on Product.

Assign a Fiscal Position to a partner
You can manually define which Fiscal Position must be used by default for a specific partner.

To do so, open the partner’s contact form, go to the Sales & Purchase tab, edit the Fiscal Position field, and click on Save.

Choose Fiscal Positions manually on Sales Orders, Invoices, and Bills
To manually select which Fiscal Position to use for a new Sales Order, Invoice, or Bill, go to the Other Info tab and select the right Fiscal Position before adding product lines.




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