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40 In-Demand Data Analytics Platforms and Skills, K-Nearest Neighbor, and New ODSC Highlights

Top 40 Skills and Tools for Data Analysts and the Emergence of the Data Engineering Analyst Roles

We looked at over 25,000 job descriptions and these are the data analytics platforms and skills that employers are looking for in 2022.

Master Machine Learning: K Nearest Neighbors From Scratch With Python

Today you’ll get your hands dirty by implementing and tweaking the K nearest neighbors algorithm from scratch.

Machine Learning Systems Pt. 1: Overview and Challenges

What goes into machine learning systems and where do MLOps come into play?

Multi-step Time Series Forecasting with ARIMA, LightGBM, and Prophet

Learn more about modeling with Python on different types of time series data to compare the model algorithms.

From Clipboard to DataFrame with Pandas

Read data directly from the clipboard without saving it first.

With ODSC East 2022’s 3 in 1 special, you’ll transform your data skills. Get three days of exclusive ODSC training, the AI + Bootcamp with Dr. Jon Krohn, and a 6-month AI+ Premium Subscription

Register by Friday to claim this deal!

Four Problems and Solutions Responsive MT Will Address

CSA Research shares how responsive MT will evolve to deliver increasingly appropriate results.

How is Data Collection Used in the Justice System?

Let’s explore how data collection is performed and used in the United States criminal justice system.

Deep Learning Could Aid Medical Professionals in Improved Medical Ventilator Control, Google AI Proposes

In a recent study, Google AI researchers demonstrated how neural networks could control ventilators better than hand-tuned controllers.

Check Out the ODSC Europe 2022 Focus Areas

From NLP to machine learning engineering and more, these are the ODSC Europe 2022 Focus Areas for the event this June.

How to Attend ODSC East 2022 for Free

With free ticket options, a scholarship for a full pass, and more, here are a few ways that you can attend ODSC East 2022 for free.

Announcing the ODSC Europe 2022 Call for Speakers

Want to share your research, case studies, thought leadership, and expertise with the data science community? Here’s how you can speak at ODSC Europe 2022.

ODSC East 2022 Call for Volunteers

Become a valued part of the ODSC Community and connect with an incredibly motivated group of data science enthusiasts — and attend the event for free in exchange.

Ai+ Highlight of the Week: What Kind of AI Can Help Manufacturing Adapt to a Pandemic

In this talk, Neurala CTO and co-founder, Anatoli Gorchet, will explain how manufacturers can leverage AI to improve quality inspections. This will include a technical deep dive into how DDNs and Lifelong DNN (L-DNN) specifically can be used to quickly process data so that it can deliver actionable insights to the end-user, in this case, the manufacturer.

Upcoming Webinars:

Lightning Interview: “Ace the Data Science Interview”

Fri, April 1, 1:00PM EDT

Want to ace your upcoming Data Science job interview? Learn how to best prepare for data science job interviews, and hear Nick’s contrarian job hunting tips that led him to work at Facebook, Google, and an ML startup.

Lightning Interview: “Risk Assessments for Machine Learning”

Fri, Apr 8th, 1:00PM EDT

Why You Need a Model Catalog

Tue, Apr 26, 2022 12:00 PM — 1:00 PM EDT

In this webinar, we will look at the major trends necessitating the adoption of Model Catalogs in enterprises, what capabilities are provided by this emerging category of tools, and what benefits organizations can reap by investing in a model catalog.



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