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Adversarial Image Explanation, European AI Labs, Binary Logistic Regression, and Jobs

Adversarial Image Explanation Through Alibi

Deep learning-based computer vision has plenty of real-life applications. However, would it be possible to interpret why a CNN failed when receiving input from an adversarial sample?

Top 10 Machine Learning and AI Research Labs in Europe

From automation and streamlining retail to improving the human condition, these AI research labs in Europe are at the top of their game.

Binary Logistic Regression Overview

This article goes over some use cases for logistic regression and walks through the steps of applying this classification algorithm for data forecasting.

Bonus Events and Networking Coming to ODSC Europe 2021

ODSC Europe 2021 is more than just training sessions and talks — there are plenty of networking opportunities and extra events to engage with.

Ai+ Live Data Science Training Coming this May

Between an intro to unsupervised learning and computer science for AI, here’s the upcoming live data science training coming to Ai+ this May.

Final ODSC Europe 2021 Schedule Released! See it Here

Across three days of data science training, workshops, and talks, here’s the final ODSC Europe 2021 schedule for you to plan ahead with.

Tips to Supplement a Machine Learning Certificate in the Job Market

A machine learning certificate is great, but it’s not a guaranteed job. Here are a few tips on how you can supplement it to stand out.


With 250 hours of content covering a diverse range of focus areas, topics, and tools, ODSC Europe will have hands-on training sessions, workshops, and talks for data scientists at every skill level. Register now for 20% off.

Ai+ Highlight of the Week: Unsupervised Learning 1: Intro to Unsupervised Learning, Dimensionality Reduction, and Anomaly Detection

- Ankur Patel | Head of Data | Glean

Check out the first 20 minutes of on-demand training to learn about common problems in machine learning, such as insufficient labeled data, the curse of dimensionality, and outliers.



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