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Data Science Research Round-Up, GPT-3 Business Use Cases, and Choosing the Right Activation Function

2022 Data Science Research Round-Up: Highlighting ML, NLP, & More

2022 has been a big year for AI news and data science research across the board. Here are our picks for some standout papers that we’ve read this year.

How to Choose the Right Activation Function for Neural Networks

Every neural network needs at least one activation function to make accurate predictions. Choosing the right one can result in a precise, high-performance network consistently delivering the desired results.

GPT-3 Uses Cases Changing the World of Business

These are our top four most interesting business use cases for GPT-3 and what makes them so revolutionary.

Survey: The State of Machine Learning Use and Implementation in 2022

These questions will help us get a better understanding of how practicing data scientists use machine learning, what tools they use, and what problems they face. By filling out the complete survey, you will be entered for a chance to win an in-person or virtual ticket to ODSC West 2022.

Are you ready to take the reins and accelerate your data career? At ODSC West 2022, you’ll find the hands-on training that you need that will help propel you to the next phase in your data journey. Join us, and learn from the experts in the field. Register by Friday for 40% off.

Is AI Destined to Go Out of Control?

Science fiction has been debating this for years — can AI truly go out of control? This research aimed to answer that question.

Chipotle Unveils AI Chippy to Help with Making Chips

Chipotle is currently testing out a new AI, Chippy, to help staff with making chips, among other duties potentially.

James Earl Jones Retires Iconic Darth Vader Voice With the Help of AI

Darth Vader’s famous voice will now be done by AI, after years of James Earl Jones providing the voice of the popular character.

Artist Uses AI to Bring Life to Dead Celebrities

This artist used the power of artificial intelligence to show the public what could have been if some famous celebrities didn’t pass on as young as they did.

The Game Does Exist: AI-Generated Games Are Now a Thing

The Girl Does Not Exist is a new game that claims to be 100% generated by AI, including art, music, and voice-over work.

Top 10 ODSC West Talks Every Data Scientist Should See

Featuring topics like production-ready data science and recommender systems, here are a few can’t-miss talks coming to ODSC West this November.

Final ODSC West 2022 Schedule Released — How Will You Spend Your Week?

We’re happy to announce that the complete ODSC West 2022 schedule is now live! See what to expect from 3 days of hands-on data science training, workshops, keynotes, and extra events in San Francisco.

Up Your Game: Register for the TechCrunch x iMerit ML DataOps Summit 2022

Join 2,000+ data scientists, engineers, and ML Professionals virtually at the iMerit ML DataOps Summit to hear from leaders at the forefront of deploying ML DataOps solutions that power machine learning and artificial intelligence. Register for Free.

Video of the Week: “Foundations of Deep Reinforcement Learning” — an Interview with Pieter Abbeel, PhD

Dr. Abbeel’s research strives to build ever more intelligent systems, which has his lab push the frontiers of deep reinforcement learning, and deep unsupervised learning, especially as it pertains to robotics. He has founded several companies, including Gradescope (AI to help instructors with grading homework, projects, and exams) and Covariant (AI for robotic automation of warehouses and factories). Dr. Abbeel has received many awards and honors, including ACM Prize, IEEE Fellow, PECASE, NSF-CAREER, ONR-YIP, AFOSR-YIP, Darpa-YFA, TR35, and 10+ best paper awards/finalists.



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