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Event-Driven Python Programming, Reinforcement Learning in Gaming, an Updated ODSC Guide to ML, and Jobs

Decoupling Complex Systems with Event-Driven Python Programming

Event-driven programming is an important paradigm because it allows you to easily decouple large and complex systems. It helps in defining clear boundaries between independent components and improves isolation between them.

The Paladin, the Cleric, and the… Reinforcement Learning?

From making terrible AI partners somehow good, to beating the best game players from around the world, reinforcement learning is making waves in the world of video games.

Free Download: The ODSC Guide to Machine Learning

We’ve updated the popular ODSC Guide to Machine Learning for summer 2021! Download it for free here and check out the newest videos and articles included.

Save 65% on ODSC West 2021 Silver Tickets With this Week’s Flash Sale

Check out the new Silver pass for ODSC West 2021! Register by Friday to save 65% with this unique ODSC West discount.

Up Your Game with OpenAI Gym Reinforcement Learning

Here’s a quick overview of the key terminology around OpenAI Gym, which is one of the most popular tools in reinforcement learning.

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Ai+ Highlight of the Week: Introduction to Fraud and Anomaly Detection

- Aric LaBarr, PhD | Associate Professor of Analytics | NC State University

Check out the first 20 minutes of on-demand training to learn how to identify anomalies using machine learning approaches and statistical techniques.

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