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Isolation Forests, GANs for Sound Space, Fields Hiring for ML, and Jobs

Finding That Needle! Isolation Forests for Anomaly Detection

While not its original intention, isolation forests have become a great method for anomaly detection. See why here.

Using GANs to Explore Sound Space

This article explores the use of generative adversarial networks to create sound space and to take a deep dive into music and sound.

Fields Hiring for Machine Learning Experts in 2021

2020 brought a lot of changes to the data science landscape. 2021 has continued on that path, bringing changes to industries hiring machine learning experts.

Call for ODSC West 2021 Speakers and Content Committee Members

Want to share your research and data science expertise with the world? See how you can speak at ODSC West 2021 and apply here.

Find AI and Machine Learning Solutions at ODSC Europe 2021

2021 is the year that you push your AI initiatives to the next level. Check out ODSC Europe 2021 for more AI and machine learning solutions!

How a Data Science Conference Can Help You Get a Job

Why should a job seeker attend a data science conference? Between new info, networking, and more, there’s good reason to attend.


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Ai+ Highlight of the Week: Streaming Decision Intelligence and Predictive Analytics with Spark 3

- Scott Haines | Principal Software Engineer | Twilio

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