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Prophet for Forecasting, Binary Data, Facial Landmarks, and Jobs

Prophet’s Forecasting Crystal Ball

Facebook’s Prophet is one of the most-liked forecasting approaches nowadays. Let’s take a look under the hood and see how you can use it.

Repurposing Binary Serialized Data Structures During the Process of Data Ingestion

Everything very popular has grown good open-source libraries, but you may encounter some legacy or in-house format for which this is not true.

Facial Landmarks — a Solution in Deepfakes

This article covers three of the most widely used methods for facial landmarks and deepfake solutions: OpenCV, dlib, and MTCNN.

Announcing ODSC APAC September 15th-16th

ODSC APAC 2021 is returning this September 15th-16th! Get excited and learn about the future of data science in India and the APAC region.


ODSC West is returning to San Francisco this November! Join us for a deep dive into the latest topics, tools, and techniques led by an incredible lineup of expert speakers.

Register by Friday for 70% off.

YOLOv3 on CPUs: Sparsifying to Achieve GPU-Level Performance

Use CPUs to decrease costs and increase deployment flexibility while still achieving GPU-class performance.

3 Benefits of Using a Logistics Analytics Platform for Your Business

A logistics analytics platform can help companies create better processes and directly influence their bottom line.

Financial Forecasting 101: Why, When, And How

This article discusses different types of financial forecasting you have to work with along with some use-cases for each.

Ai+ Highlight of the Week: Using Bootstrapping for Modern Data Science

- Ryan Harter | Principal Data Scientist | Mozilla

Check out the first 5 minutes of an on-demand workshop to learn what types of data the bootstrap has trouble with, how to spot potential issues in your data, and avoid false confidence in your results.




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