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Putting Responsible AI Into Practice, Seaborn for Data Viz, AI in Healthcare, and Jobs

Free Event: Put Responsible AI into Practice

Discover best practice guidelines for building AI solutions responsibly. Learn from AI experts at Microsoft and BCG — and be among the first to download the new resource, Ten Guidelines for Product Leaders to Implement AI Responsibly.

4 Reasons to Attend the Put Responsible AI into Practice Azure Digital Event

Here are four reasons why you should check out the upcoming Microsoft Azure event, Put Responsible AI into Practice.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Seaborn for Data Visualizations

Here are the top five reasons for using the Seaborn library to create data visualizations with Python.

Teddy Petrou on Data Visualization Use Cases, Dash 2.0, & the Pros of Seaborn

We recently had the chance to speak with Ted Petrou, founder of Dunder Data and author of Pandas Cookbook, about data visualization, Seaborn, and Dash 2.0.

Reasons to Use Social Media Data Mining

Social media data mining offers a wealth of insights. Here are five very good reasons to start using it today.

The Unique Challenges Startups Face Hiring Data Scientists

Hiring data scientists isn’t just a luxury now — it’s all about survival. However, there are difficulties when looking for new members to bring on.

How Hackathon teams created innovative solutions to address global challenges

This e-book features top solutions created by global SAS Hackathon teams, showcasing how they used SAS Viya on Azure to develop innovative approaches that save lives by coordinating traffic lights for emergency vehicles’ safe passage; save time by helping consumers find the shortest line in the store; save money by predicting manufacturing machinery maintenance events or failure; save entire ecosystems, such as the world’s coral reefs.

Panel Webinar with Novartis: AI in Healthcare

Thursday, Dec 2nd, 5 PM IST (GMT+5.30)

Join ODSC and Novartis for a panel discussion on AI in healthcare. Topics will include the prevalence of AI in healthcare, how the pandemic changed the use of AI in healthcare, best practices, and more.

Seven Questions to Ask Before Implementing AI in Your Enterprise

Before implementing AI into your business, here are seven questions that you need to ask to make sure everything’s ready to go.

Call for ODSC East 2022 Speakers and Content Committee Members

Want to speak at ODSC East 2022? Learn more about the process here, including deadlines, benefits, and submission guidelines.

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Ai+ Highlight of the Week: AI-in-a-Box: Demystifying the Future of Businesses

- Ashish Malhotra | Analytics/AI Head | NEC Corporation

Learn how NEC has addressed the challenges of high barriers to entry for new AI and machine learning applications and developing comprehensive strategies for such applications.



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