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SRL and BERT Models, AI Implementation Blockers, a Free EU General Pass, and Jobs

What Happens When You Run SRL Experiments Over a BERT Based Model?

By using code from the Allen Institute for AI, we perform some experiments of running SRL over BERT-based models and decipher the results.

Is a Machine Learning Certificate Right for You?

Between cost, convenience, and other factors, a machine learning certificate might be the right move for your data science career.

6 Common Blockers Businesses Face Implementing AI

Implementing AI into a business isn’t so simple. Here are a few common blockers that may prevent a company from taking the leap.

ODSC Europe 2021 General Pass is Now Free!

The ODSC Europe 2021 General Pass is now free! Register now and gain access to keynotes, networking, general talks, and more.

Experience the Rhythm of Data and AI

IBM Webinars On-Demand

Listen on-demand to an exclusive performance by singer-songwriter Nathaniel Rateliff and an insightful look at the predictive power of data and AI.

Exclusive Speakers Coming to ODSC Europe 2021

While there are plenty of ODSC Europe 2021 speakers to see this year, these are some exclusive ones coming only to this event.

Advance your career–and your salary–with ODSC Europe. Learn new skills, connect with expert speakers, and network with your peers.

Register today for 30% off.

Ai+ Highlight of the Week: Machine Learning & Modelling in Theory & Practice

- Dr. Kirk Borne | Principal Data Scientist | Booz Allen Hamilton

Check out the first 30 minutes of on-demand training to learn how to design your own analytics solutions and generate value from the data assets in your organization.




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