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Ten Game-Changing Generative AI Projects, The Quest for the Ultimate Learning Algorithm, and Training Your PyTorch Model

Top Ten Game-Changing Generative AI Projects in 2023

Here are our picks for a few generative AI projects that are worth checking out for yourself, most of which you can experiment with for free.

Preview of Our Interview with Author Pedro Domingos

The next installment in ODSC’s popular lightning interview series will feature Pedro Domingos, Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at the University of Washington and recipient of the SIGKDD Innovation Award, on the topic “The Quest for the Ultimate Learning Algorithm.”

Training Your PyTorch Model Using Components and Pipelines in Azure ML

In this post, we’ll explore how you can take your PyTorch model training to the next level, using Azure ML.

Things Data Scientists Should Know About Productionizing Machine Learning

Simple things like cleaning up code and being mindful of the production environment can help your team with productionizing machine learning.

Training One Million Machine Learning Models in Record Time with Ray

Ray and Anyscale are used by companies like Instacart to speed up machine learning training workloads (often demand forecasting) by 10x compared with similar tools.

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The Use of AI for Ambulance Calls Cause Concern for Paramedics

With the launch of AI assisting emergency responders with dispatched calls, the head of the association representing paramedics is concerned about possible technical issues.

Expert: 90% of Online Content Could be Generated by AI

While speaking to Yahoo Finance, Nina Schick, AI thought leader, had some bold predictions about AI’s role in content creation and the future.

5 Benefits of BigQuery for Marketers

Managing and analyzing arrays of information in due time becomes a real challenge for marketers. This is where the BigQuery data warehouse comes into play.

Artificial Intelligence Ready Parts of Your Business

These are a few areas of your business where you could already apply artificial intelligence solutions.

Microsoft’s New AI Only Needs 3 Seconds of Audio to Simulate Your Voice

Microsoft unveiled their latest text-to-speech AI model, VALL-E, which can closely simulate a person’s voice when given a short 3-second clip.

Top Free and Paid Sessions on the Ai+ Training Platform

Here’s our list of the top ten free AI+ Training sessions and the top paid ones that you can get with a subscription.

Volunteer for ODSC East 2023

ODSC volunteers are an integral part of the success of each ODSC conference and a perfect extension of our core team and ambassadors to our community! Learn more about how you can volunteer for either the in-person or virtual team and get a free ticket to the event.



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