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Unifying MLOps, Exploring the Tidyverse, AI for Mental Health, and a Survey About ML Use

MLOps V2 Solution Accelerator — Unifying MLOps at Microsoft

The MLOps V2 solution accelerator allows AI professionals to deploy an end-to-end standardized and scalable machine learning lifecycle across multiple workspaces.

Scientists at NTU are Using AI to Identify Mental Illnesses to Help with Proper Diagnosing and Treatment

Scientists at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) are using AI to detect mental illnesses before they manifest.

A Walk in the Tidyverse

Tidymodels, similarly to tidyverse, builds on the core R language, by applying tidyverse principles to statistical modeling and machine learning domains.

Decision Trees From Scratch With Python

Machine learning can be easy and intuitive — here’s a complete from-scratch guide to Decision Trees.

New AI Can Predict Speech From Brain Activity

Thanks to Meta, a new AI can predict speech based on brain activity, potentially helping people who have difficulty with communication.

Survey: The State of Machine Learning Use and Implementation in 2022

These questions will help us get a better understanding of how practicing data scientists use machine learning, what tools they use, and what problems they face. By filling out the complete survey, you will be entered for a chance to win an in-person or virtual ticket to ODSC West 2022.

Everyone, Meet Loab — The Internet’s First Terrifying AI Cryptid

A Twitter user has stumbled across what they believe to be an AI cryptid, and has named the haunting figure Loab.

Popular Sites are Already Getting Tired of AI-Generated Art

As many people flood popular sites and social media with AI-generated art, some places are fighting back and imposing new rules.

Are Artificial Intelligence Programs Poised to Become Rule Breakers?

Laws of Robotics be damned! These researchers think it’s possible for AI to go rogue in the name of self-preservation.

9 Game-Changing Deep Learning Topics Coming to ODSC West

Check out the machine & deep learning track at ODSC West to learn more about important topics in deep learning like unique applications, robustness, and more.

Discover the Latest Possibilities in AI at the ODSC West AI Expo & Demo Hall

At ODSC West’s AI Expo & Demo Hall, you’ll be able to learn about companies and startups shaping the future of AI. Learn more about new data lakes, frameworks, and cloud options.

Video of the Week: “Foundations of Deep Reinforcement Learning” — an Interview with Pieter Abbeel, PhD

Dr. Abbeel’s research strives to build ever more intelligent systems, which has his lab push the frontiers of deep reinforcement learning, and deep unsupervised learning, especially as it pertains to robotics. He has founded several companies, including Gradescope (AI to help instructors with grading homework, projects, and exams) and Covariant (AI for robotic automation of warehouses and factories). Dr. Abbeel has received many awards and honors, including ACM Prize, IEEE Fellow, PECASE, NSF-CAREER, ONR-YIP, AFOSR-YIP, Darpa-YFA, TR35, and 10+ best paper awards/finalists.

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Leveraging External Data to Create a Competitive Go-To-Market Strategy

Tue, Sep 27, 2022, 12:00 PM — 1:00 PM EDT

External data can help organizations find a competitive edge through sales and marketing activities. By adding important context not found in internal data, you deepen your understanding of potential customers, get a more realistic estimate of your total addressable market (TAM), and improve KPIs across a number of sales and marketing activities.



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